Secret Loading Zones


For whatever reason, the developers left in several loading zones players should never be able to reach in normal gameplay. These Secret Loading Zones (SLZs for short) are completely functional, but are located in areas that require glitches and/or game mods to reach.

Lorule Castle

Discovered by RickWithAnH and Greenalink

Hiding out of bounds far to the right of Lorule Castle's entrance is an SLZ leading to the top of Hyrule Castle. Using an enemy clip on the right side of the door followed by a dash can bounce Link onto the railing to reach the out of bounds area. The SLZ is floating slightly overhead, so a Bombrod is needed to reach and activate it.

This is the only known way to get from Lorule to Hyrule without merging or dying.

Misery Mire

Discovered by RickWithAnH

There is a one-way SLZ leading from Misery Mire to the Swamp Palace area over the canyon connecting the two, for some reason. Perhaps in early versions of the game it was possible to walk between the areas?

Whatever the reason, players can use a Lemon Boost or Bomb Boost to get out of bounds up on the South wall in the same way the Double Damage Boost version of Desert Palace Skip is performed to get into position.

Walking slowing to the right as shown in the video will allow Link to trigger the SLZ without losing much height (he'll fall just slightly offscreen), and following the transition Link should void out and respawn safely on top of the out of bounds geometry. A well-timed Tornado Rod jump immediately after the transition can save you half a heart and is slightly faster, but not required.

Note that there is no matching SLZ going from the Swamp Palace area back to Misery Mire.

Golden Bee Cave

Discovered by RickWithAnH

Note: Inaccessible without game modifications

It turns out there are actually two loading zone exits from the Golden Bee Cave in Skull Woods. The normal exit loading zone is blocking a secret one, which is located exactly 2 game units south of it. In the video below, the normal cave exit has been removed allowing Link to reach the SLZ. It will dump the player out at the Skull Woods Weather Vane.

Stylish Woman's House

The loading zone to enter the Stylish Woman's House in Kakariko Village holds a secret: it's actually two identical loading zones stacked on top of each other.

This is presumably a developer oversight, and one that would likely have gone unnoticed if it weren't for tools allowing us to examine the game's underlying structure.

Last updated 11/26/2023 – RickWithAnH