Fire Rod Boost

Discovered By Weegeechan

A Fire Rod Boost is a consistent form of Damage Boost that can be used to access a large number of out of bounds areas. This is the most popular form of Damage Boosting in the game, given the ease with which the player can obtain the Fire Rod and the large number of places it can be used.

Nearly every place a Lemon Boost can be used, this technique can be used instead, with only a handful of exceptions that do not provide enough space to setup the trick. Unlike Lemon Boosting, this technique does work on jumps off North-facing ledges, however these are typically harder than boosts performed in any other direction.


How To: In a Corner

By placing a Fire Pillar into a corner and jumping off a ledge just above that corner, you can take damage and get boosted while in the air. This is possible with the Nice Fire Rod and, depending on the location, can be possible with the regular Fire Rod, although that version will require the use of the QE-Canceling technique in order to gain control of Link earlier and jump off the ledge in time.

How To: Off a Ledge

You have to be standing a small distance away from the ledge you want to jump from. You'll want to be far enough away so that your Fire Rod shot will go on the ground for a tiny bit, then fly off of the ledge. So, QE-Cancel a Fire Rod shot, then quickly run to side of the pillar, jump off the ledge and get hit by the pillar that is floating off of the ledge.

How To: Against a Wall

Requires the Nice Fire Rod. You shoot a fire pillar up against a wall on the ledge you want to jump from. Get hurt from the fire pillar then stand in it from whatever point you want to jump from. Then as your invincibility is wearing off, jump off the ledge so you get hit from the fire pillar.

Desert Palace Skip


Desert Palace Portal without Sand Rod


Rosso's Ore Mine Skip

Rosso's Ore Mine Skip (alternate)

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Flipperless House of Gales


Blacksmith Cave Early

Blacksmith Mergeless Heart Piece

Swamp Heart Piece Cave


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