Items Obtained

  • Captain's Sword
  • Master Sword
  • Ravio's Bracelet
  • Lamp
  • Tornado Rod
  • Hookshot
  • Bombs
  • Hammer
  • Ice Rod
  • Fire Rod
  • 1 Weather Vane (Your House)
  • Zora's Flippers
  • 3 Pendants
  • 7 Paintings
  • Bow of Light

Total items obtained: 23


  • Activate Link's House Weather Vane and save
  • Go to Blacksmith
  • Go to Death Mountain entrance, use bird to get in (Power Glove Skip)
  • Deathwarp immediately after the cutscene of Death Mountain erupting
  • Rent Tornado Rod
  • Go talk to the castle guard
  • Sanctuary (Get 20 rupees under a tomb, 20 rupees in chest and 2x 5 rupees on the floor)
  • Rent Hookshot after getting Ravio's bracelet (50 rupees)
  • Eastern Palace (Get 8 rupees in rolling balls room and 44 rupees in fairy room south of the room in 1F with the small key, 52 rupees total)
  • Eastern Palace escape (Get 267 rupees from chests, floor and walls, 319 rupees total)
  • Use a Green Soldier to get around the rocks on the screen with Hyrule Castle, in order to get around the triggers for the Irene's Bell cutscene
  • Shady Guy cutscene near zora cave
  • Deathwarp to get back to the other side of Irene's triggers
  • Rent Tornado Rod, Bombs, and Hammer (229 rupees remaining)
  • Walk to Kakariko
  • Buy Smooth Gem (29 rupees remaining)
  • Get 100r chest in the green house (129 rupees)
  • Walk to the screen with Hyrule Castle and do the Green Soldier boost around the rocks again
  • Get the Flippers (with Fish Skip)
  • Walk to Witch's house, bomb S cave, go through getting all rupees [179]
  • Get 5 red rupees on pegs near EP and another red below the W ledge [299]
  • Walk to HoG avoiding Irene
  • House of Gales (2F Skip with Keese damage boost method)
  • Walk to the entrance to Death Mountain (avoid Irene's triggers)
  • Go through the Death Mountain caves normally
  • Tower of Hera
  • Fall down DM ledges, go through the cave
  • Enter Lost Woods from NE entrance
  • Master Sword
  • Deathwarp
  • Rent TRod, Hookshot, FRod [-150, 149] (save if needed)
  • Hyrule Castle (get 50 rupees on the guard room) [199]


  • S portal from Blacksmith (or abandoned house portal and save if needed)
  • Portal behind Sahasrahla's House
  • Skull Woods (normal route, skip boss) (don't go save here if possible, but if needed, skip renting Hookshot and FRod, deathwarp, and rent them now)
  • Portal in the E house in ruins
  • Go through cave to DM, portal near weather vane
  • Rosso's Mine Skip with Fake QEC, go up to Ice Ruins
  • Ice Ruins (get gold rupee at the start, can't do any OoB shenanigans because no boots so it's old Any% route and also everything hurts a lot so good luck lol) [499]
  • Deathwarp
  • Rent TRod, FRod, IRod, HS, Bombs [-350, 149] (save if needed)
  • Go to Misery Mire, Desert Skip with Fake QEC, go to the N portal and heal
  • Zaganaga fight with only sword beams (can't skip, no boots)
  • Irene's painting
  • Walk to Swamp Palace, Big Bomb Skip with Fake QEC
  • Swamp Palace (skip the boss with Fake QEC)
  • Abandoned House portal (save if needed)
  • Irene trigger skip, rock area portal
  • Dark Maze (can't skip, no boots)
  • Dark Palace (normal route, just don't get hit too much)
  • Turtle Rock area portal skip with Fake QEC
  • Animation Storage into Turtle Rock
  • Turtle Rock (normal route, you get one shot at BK Skip before getting health so make it count)
  • Deathwarp
  • Rent Hammer, Bombs, TRod [-150, you should've found at least 1 rupee from drops right??] (save if needed)
  • House portal, walk to Thieves' Hideout
  • Thieves' Hideout (OoB is slower since no boots to end it, just do it as normal AKA slow) (You kind of want to save here but it's not optimal, if you're gonna save skip renting Bombs and TRod, deathwarp after Osfala's cutscene, rent them and save)
  • Walk to Lorule Castle
  • Trials Skip (not enough health for a big bomb setup, only small bombs)
  • Yuganon
  • Triforce


Save a lot.

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March 17, 2018

  • Added the new route.
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