Lemon Boost

Discovered By RickWithAnH

A Lemon Boost is a very consistent form of Damage Boost that can be used to access many out of bounds areas. Nearly every place a Fire Rod Boost can be used, this technique can be used instead, with the exception of North-facing ledge jumps. A Lemon Boost can also be used in a handful of locations that do not provide adequate setup room to perform a Fire Rod Boost.


How To

  1. Place and pick up a Nice Bomb (Rented/Normal Bombs will not work)
  2. Move Link into a ledge he can jump off from. While holding a bomb overhead, he will not actually jump, so get him as close to the ledge as possible.
  3. Throw the bomb at the 3rd flash if attempting to boost onto a small ledge, or at the 4th flash if attempting to boost to a higher ledge. Do so at an angle away from the ledge you're trying to boost on to.
  4. Immediately jump off the ledge.

Dark to Turtle Shortcut

Turtle to Dark Shortcut

Rosso's Ore Mine Skip

Rosso's Ore Mine Skip (alternate)

Rosso's Ore Mine Half-Skip from Climber

Blacksmith Cave Early

Flipperless Letter in a Bottle

Swamp Cave

Additional Uses

Last updated 08/31/2023 – RickWithAnH