Discovered By RickWithAnH

The Sandcastle technique allows players to get on top of sand pillars created by the Sand Rod without already being above them.

How To

  1. Begin by setting Link's respawn position to somewhere you can create a sand pillar, i.e. just stand somewhere with sand.
  2. Next you will need to move Link far enough away from this position to create a sand pillar at that position, while not updating the respawn position. This is very situational, but will typically involve walking along the edge of a void and/or merging to move Link without walking on some "valid" ground that he could respawn to.
  3. Then use the Sand Rod to create a sand pillar over your respawn position, and void out.

If done correctly, Link should respawn on top of the pillar of sand.

Desert Palace 2F Out of Bounds

Misery Mire Treasure Dungeon

Desert Palace 2F Merge Skip

Last updated 09/28/2023 – RickWithAnH