Fish Skip

Discovered By PatrickBolter

Normally when getting the flippers, there are three separate cutscenes that play upon entering the area with Oren and the Zora Underlings. The first cutscene plays upon entering the area, the second cutscene plays upon walking up the stairs, and the third cutscene plays upon approaching Oren. By using a bombrod to get to Oren without walking up the stairs, it is possible to skip the second cutscene by getting around the trigger.

It is still possible to trigger the second cutscene if you walk into the trigger, which is the area inside the blue box in the picture below. If you do trigger the cutscene, it will be glitched as Oren has already been returned to her normal sized form.

ALBW Fish Triggers Box

Last updated 07/03/2022 – RickWithAnH