Grab Hover

Discovered by romulost, refined by RickWithAnH

This trick requires multiple frame perfect inputs and is not considered RTA viable.

If Link performs the grabbing animation on a precise frame when walking over water or lava, the animation that would normally cause him to drown or burn can be avoided. Repeating these grabs on the correct frame will allow Link to hover over water or lava indefinitely while still being able to move forward. Unfortunately, this technique does not allow Link to get back onto dry land if the jump out of water animation would be required to leave the water, even if he makes it all the way to the shore. Damage from external sources, such as bombs, does not boost Link onto land either.

Water Walking

Discovered by romulost

Lava Walking

Discovered by RickWithAnH
Last updated 08/31/2023 – RickWithAnH