Power Glove Skip

Discovered By TDutchNick96 and thohill

There is an easy way to access Death Mountain without the Power Gloves.

How To

Lure one of the nearby birds to the cave entrance. In order to pull off this skip, you will want him attacking you from a south-west position. You will have to jump off the ledge, towards the bird, at the last moment, so that Link will take damage immediately after jumping, which will boost him over the rocks and into the entrance.

Easy methods to setup the left bird is to proceed as follows. The left picture is the easiest method but is slower than the method in the right picture. The red lines mark the path Link should follow, while the blue lines show the path the bird will follow:

Death Mountain Early PGS skip 2-strat

Be careful not to go too far right, as the bird will stop attacking you and go back to its original place. Stay in the leftmost quarter of the diagonal ledge.

What it skips

  • The small rocks blocking access Death Mountain are the only ones required to be picked up in order to complete the game, making the Power Gloves completely skippable. The Titan's Mitt can be obtained later on to lift both small and big rocks, thus allowing you to get the Maiamais, so the skip is valid for the 100% category.
  • By triggering the cutscene where Death Mountain erupts, Ravio's full shop opens at Link's House. See Item Rental Early for more information.
Last updated 07/03/2022 – RickWithAnH