Pendant of Courage Skip


It's possible to use Cutscene Dying to skip the cutscene where Sahasrahla gives Link the Pendant of Courage immediately after completing Eastern Palace. This isn't useful in a full game speedrun, or really any speedrun that needs to reach Lorule as the Pendant of Courage is needed to reach the Inside Hyrule Castle dungeon (see: Story Triggers). However, it does see use in the Silver Dungeons category extension.

Side Effects

  • The overworld music will be absent in several areas
  • Link will freeze momentarily when the area outside his house or the Eastern Ruins area is loaded after exiting an interior location. This is presumably caused by the game attempting to play a cutscene in that area but then giving up when the conditions aren't met.
  • If the player obtains the Master Sword (only the Pendants of Wisdom and Power are actually needed) and then approaches the Hyrule Castle bridge from the South the game can softlock from the overlapping cutscenes. Approaching the bridge from the North avoids this softlock.
  • The trigger to receive the Pendant of Courage remains in front of Eastern Palace and can be reactivated at any time, though Sahasrahla is blocking the stairs to reach the dungeon entrance. The Bell can be used to bypass him, but only if the Weather Vane was activated in advance.

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