Tower of Hera

Required Item: Hammer

Recommended Item: Bow, Tornado Rod, Bombs

Route Inside The Dungeon (No Bombrod)

  • Use the Hammer on the springs, hit the first Walls Switch with you sword, then the second one as you pass by it, with your sword as well. Stand on the lowered red wall and hit the second switch another time, with your Bow. Walk left then down to the south wall, and merge to get past the gap. Hammer on the small springs, then again on the big one to reach 2F.
  • Hammer on the big spring west of the room to reach 3F.
  • Merge the north blue wall to cross the gap and reach the Wall Switch. Hit it with your sword, stand on the lowered blue wall and hit the switch again. Make your way to and grab the small key. Go up the stairs and take the east door in time to catch the platforms cycle.
  • Perform the skip to reach 6F. (See Skipping Most Of 4F And 5F)
  • Wait until the red elevator comes down, merge the wall again and walk to it. Wait on it until it goes back up to 6F, unmerge there and take the door.
  • Miniboss: Red Stalfos (See Strategy)
  • Take the elevator up to 7F.
  • Hit the north Wall Switch with your sword, then again once you're standing on or past the lowered blue wall. Hit the Wall Switch that's directly north of you at that point, break the cracked ground tiles in the northwest corner of the room with your Hammer. Jump down to 6F, Hammer the big spring, grab the Small Key and take the spring back up to 7F. Exit the room through the locked door on the west wall.
  • Hammer the big spring as the platform starts moving to reach 9F. Hammer the next big spring right away and take the north door.
  • Move north inside that new room to activate the tiles. Wait until they're all broken and take the elevator to 10F.
  • Hit all 4 switches using your Bow and Sword. (See Faster switches on 10F) Hammer the big spring and use it to reach 11F.
  • Hammer the right big spring to reach and grab the Big Key chest. Dash west to fall back on the big springs platform. Hammer the left one as the platform passes the midpoint of its path going right to reach the Big Door.
  • Hammer the small springs, then the following 2 big ones to reach 13F and the boss.
  • BOSS: Moldorm. (See Strategy)

Boss Strategy: Moldorm

Moldorm only takes damage when hit on the sphere at the tail end of his body, and has a total of 7 HP. The fastest way to defeat him is to use 3 arrow shots and 1 sword slash.

Shoot an arrow first from the position shown below. Moldorm moves randomly, so try to predict where he moves and fire two more arrows. You want to finish with the sword slash because Moldorm will turn red and speed up after taking a certain amount of damage.

Another, slightly easier but slightly slower strategy is to use 1 arrow, 2 spin attacks, and finish with a normal slash. Shoot an arrow first like with 3 arrow strategy, then hit two spin attacks instead of the second and third arrows. Spin attacks are slower overall, but it makes it easier to hit because they have a larger attack range.

Tower Of Hera Moldorm Bow Shot

Miniboss Strategy: Red Stalfos

The Hammer is the fastest way to defeat a Stalfos, as it will kill it with a single blow. By running past them when first entering the room, there is a chance they will group up enough for you to be able to kill more than one per attack. 2 or 3 uses of the Hammer are usually enough to clear the room.

1F First Room Timesaver

The Bow (or Hookshot) can be used to activate a red/blue wall switch in the first room of the dungeon while Link is on it. This saves having to use the Hammer on a spring, and merging into a wall to reach the same area.

Tower Of Hera First Room Timesaver

A spin attack with Link facing left (and potentially other directions?) can also work, but is riskier because you will be pushed off the wall if the attack hits one of the enemies nearby.

Miniboss Skip

Discovered By Weegeenchan, Refined By RheaultWnage And Anwonu

By performing a Bombrod on 3F, it is possible to get inside the walls of the dungeon and make your way up all the way to 6F (and even higher to 9F, but that isn't efficient), skipping both platform rides and the miniboss room. A good position to perform the Bombrod is right of the north wall switch.

ALBW Tower Of Hera Bombrod Setup

  1. Perform the Bombrod to clip into the wall on 4F.
  2. Use the Tornado Rod in that spot to reach 5F.
  3. Move into the wall and make sure you won't fall OoB in the upcoming T-Rod.
  4. Make sure you have enough energy and use the Tornado Rod to reach 6F. You should be in 6F now.
  5. Use the Tornado Rod quickly one more time in that spot to reach the Mole platform in 6F. If not done quick enough you will fall OoB.

Skipping Most Of 4F And 5F

Discovered By Weegeechan

It is possible to skip almost the entirety of 4F and 5F, including the platform ride, by performing an easier version of the Bombrod. To do so, you will need to get hit by a Crow while at the top height of a Tornado Rod use. First, you will need to lure a Crow to the correct spot:

  1. Get on a platform.
  2. Kill the first Crow.
  3. Stand in the bottom left corner of the platform and don't move.
  4. After the second Crow has attacked you (he will pass right by you if you don't move), stand in the bottom right corner.
  5. As soon as he starts diving to attack you again, move left and merge the wall blocking the platform.
  6. Walk left in the wall until you're on the red elevator block.
  7. Position Link halfway between the red elevator block and the stationnary wall on the left.
  8. Once the red block has gone up, walk left and unmerge.
  9. Link and the Crow should now be in good places to pull off the trick. Use the Tornado Rod at the right moment for the Crow to hit you at the maximum height and you will be pushed on the platform on 6F.

Skipping Most of 7F

Discovered By Weegeechan, Refined By Viskiv

By performing a Bombrod on 7F, it is possible to clip into 8F and skip one Small Key and a few platform rides.

  1. Go to the northern switch and stand on the blue pillars below it.
  2. Place a bomb on the edge of the pillar and slash the switch.
  3. Drop down from the pillar and land the the switch.
  4. Move slightly south towards the bomb without falling off the switch
  5. Perform the Bombrod and clip into 8F room and grab fairies if needed.

Once in 8F, step into the warp and you'll be taken to 9F to fight the Flying Tiles like normal. This is one of the hardest Bombrods in the game to perform and is not done in normal speedruns due to it's difficulty.

ToH BR 7F-8F ToH BR 7F-8F (2)

Skipping Most of 10F

Discovered By Weegeechan

By performing a Bombrod on 10F, it is possible to skip hitting all the switches in the room to lower the platform with the Mole.

  1. Move up to the left side of the platform with the Mole.
  2. Throw a bomb up on to it and perform a Bombrod.

You'll clip into the platform above you on 11F, skipping lowering the platform.

ToH 10F Bombrod

Faster switches on 10F (If no Miniboss Skip)

The 10F room can be completed faster by efficiently using the bow to activate some of the switches, instead of walking over to all of them. Some diagonal shots are also possible.

Tower Of Hera Switches With Bow

The optimal way to complete it is to stand on the bottom left corner of the elevator as it is going up, shoot an arrow straight north when you reach 10F, move south and perform the diagonal shot seen in the picture above and hit the switch on the right with you sword. You can then make your way near the next elevator and shoot the remaining switch with your bow once you're there.

This way is only optimal if you haven't done the Miniboss Skip. If you've done the skip, then you won't have enough energy / won't be coming from the correct place to do it that way.

Spawning Pendant of Power Timesaver

Normally after defeating Moldorm, the Pendant of Power will not spawn until you have either collected the Heart Container or have waited a certain amount of time. These things can be avoided and the animation for spawning the Pendant can be skipped entirely.

This is done by simply falling down to 12F, the floor right below the boss platform. Once there, hammer a Mole and return back to 13F to find that the Pendant of Power will now be spawned.

Beating Tower Of Hera Without Merging

Discovered By Linkshot

Due to multiple tricks and glitches, it is possible to reach and beat Tower Of Hera without merging a single time, meaning it is possible to beat it as the first dungeon, before ever entering Eastern Palace.

To get past the 1F room, you will have to combine a Recoil Jump with a Bomb Boost. Stand on top of the right raised blue wall, as far as possible in the bottom right corner. Place a Bomb north of where you're standing just before the spiky spinning enemy starts moving north, charge a spin attack facing east and release the spin attack as the bomb is about to explode.

ALBW Tower Of Hera Mergeless 1F Setup

If done correctly, the spin attack will recoil off the spiky enemy, Link will start a jump animation (because he is standing so close to the edge of the wall) and get hit by the bomb explosion, which will boost him south over the small ledge.

Once you reach 3F, use a bomb to activate one of the wall switches to lower the walls surrounding you. From there, perform the Miniboss skip to go from 3F to 9F and avoid all other areas that would require you to merge.

ALBW Tower Of Hera Mergeless

Sadly, beating Tower Of Hera before Eastern Palace doesn't do anyything special. If we could also beat House Of Gales without merging, it might be possible to skip Eastern Palace entirely and go directly to Hyrule Castle. However, even if that was the case, you would still need to merge in order to enter the portal to Lorule to continue on with the game.

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