Cutscene Dying


It's possible to take damage and enter a cutscene at the same time. This causes some strange behavior depending on what cutscene you died in, with some cutscenes having visual glitches and others skipping text outright. Despite skipping some text, this usually is not faster as Link will lose all his items and be sent back to Ravio's Shop.

NOTE: Using a fairy to revive yourself in a cutscene trigger cancels the glitch and the scene plays normally.

Glitched Ravio Cutscene

How to

  1. Get your health low enough so you can be killed in one hit
  2. Get close to a cutscene trigger (loading zone, door, etc.)
  3. Take damage such that it knocks Link into the cutscene trigger


Last updated 07/03/2022 – RickWithAnH