Notes about rupee route and dungeon order

You need to collect at least 1 extra rupee by the time you buy the Smooth Gem and at least 51 extra rupees by the end of Hyrule to rent all the items (you will get these mostly from RNG enemy drops in dungeons). There are an optional 28 rupees after Flippers and 5 before Master Sword that you can get if your rupee count is low. If you want to avoid all rupee RNG, you should skip the hidden room in Eastern Palace and get both silver rupees in Eastern Palace escape.

Dungeon order in both Hyrule and Lorule is up to preference, with certain restrictions. The route follows the most common order, but a full breakdown of dungeon order routing is at the bottom of the route page.


  • Activate Link's House's Weather Vane and save
  • Go to Blacksmith
  • Activate Kakariko's Weather Vane
  • Power Glove Skip
  • Activate Death Mountain's Weather Vane
  • Collect 10 rupees [10R]
  • Death Warp
  • Rent Fire Rod (for free) and Bow [0R]
  • Go talk to the castle guard
  • Sanctuary
    • 2 blue and 2 red rupees [50R]
  • Rent Tornado Rod [0R]
  • 5 red rupees outside Eastern Palace with Fire Rod boost [100R]
  • Eastern Palace
    • 8 rupees in rolling balls room [108R]
    • 44 rupees from secret room [152R]
    • 117 rupees from walls, floor and first silver rupee [269R]
    • Get the second silver rupee if you want, but it is 1 second slower than the Hera silver
  • Rent Bombs and Hammer [199R]
  • Irene's Bell
  • Activate Witch's House Weather Vane
  • Shady Guy cutscene
  • Warp to Kakariko
  • Buy Smooth Gem [0R]
    • You need to have gotten 1 RNG rupee up to this point
  • Get Pegasus Boots

From here, Hyrule dungeon order is up to preference

  • Warp to Death Mountain
  • Climb Death Mountain
  • Tower of Hera
    • Respawn abuse for silver rupee [100R]
  • Warp to Witch's House
  • Get Flippers
    • Optional red rupee and 8 greens in the water, you need 150 rupees at the end of Hyrule
  • Warp to Link's House
  • House of Gales
  • Warp to Kakariko
    • Optional blue rupee killing the guard by Fortune Teller [150R]
  • Master Sword
  • Warp to Link's House
  • Rent Ice Rod and Hookshot [0R]
  • Get Quick Equip
  • Hyrule Castle


  • Activate Blacksmith Weather Vane
  • Activate Vacant House Weather Vane

From here, Lorule dungeon order is up to preference

  • Portal to Hyrule
  • Warp to Death Mountain
  • Portal to Lorule
  • Fire Rod boost to ice cave
  • Ice Ruins
  • Warp to Vacant House
  • Portal to Hyrule
  • Portal to Lorule in rock field
  • Dark Maze skip
  • Dark Palace
  • Fire Rod boost and Animation Storage to Turtle Rock
  • Turtle Rock
  • Warp to Vacant House
  • Swamp Palace
  • Portal to Hyrule
  • Portal to Lorule west of Swamp area
  • Desert Palace Skip
  • Portal to Hyrule
  • Warp to Kakariko
  • Portal to Lorule behind Sahasrahla's House
  • Skull Woods
  • Warp to Blacksmith
  • Thieves' Hideout
  • Lorule Castle
    • Trials Skip
  • Yuganon
  • Triforce

Tutorial Videos (08/02/2018)

Tutorial made by romulostx
  • Make sure to read the description for the timestamps and strategies updates

Dungeon order

Alternative Hyrule route: - Pegasus Boots - Get Flippers - House of Gales - Tower of Hera

Alternative Lorule routes: - Activate Vacant House Weather Vane - Start by doing any 2 out of: - Ice Ruins - Skull Woods - Dark Palace + Turtle Rock - Swamp Palace + Desert Palace - Ice Ruins/Skull Woods/Dark Palace + Turtle Rock (whichever you didn't do already) - Thieves' Hideout

Turtle Rock should always be after Dark Palace, and Desert Palace should always be after Swamp Palace

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