Eastern Palace

Required Item: Bow

Recommended Items: Tornado Rod, Bombs

Route Inside The Dungeon

  • Shoot the switch with the Bow, progress through the newly accessible door.
  • Avoid the Popo, progress through the north door.
  • Go down the stairs, take damage from a small ball and make use of your temporary invincibility to get past the other balls. Take a left at the end, go up the southwest stairs. Using your sword, grab the 8 rupees in the first corridor, then go press the ground switch in the second one. Exit the room through the door that you just opened.
  • In any% only, go into the room with the fairies south of the elevator and collect the 44 rupees on the floor.
  • Back at the elevator, shoot an arrow at the left switch. Shoot another arrow at the right one when the elevator is high enough. Jump down, get the small key in the chest and exit the room through the northwest door.
  • Unlock the north door and take the stairs up to 2F.
  • Walk to the ground switch and slash/hold your sword just before stepping on it. Unleash the spin attack as the Armos Statues get closer. Finish them off with a second spin attack or 1 extra slash each. Exit the room through the east door.
  • Take the east stairs. Walk to and press the ground switch at the southwest end of the bridge. Take the newly opened door to the next room.
  • Take the stairs near the south wall of the room. Perform the diagonal shot to hit the switch near the Boss Door, activating the west elevator. (See Boss Door Room Switches Strategy) Lure an Armos Statue near the west door and perform the Big Key Skip. (See Big Key Skip)
  • BOSS: Yuga. (See Strategy)
  • Merge right of the crack and keep walking left in the wall until you reach the blue rupee on the ground. Unmerge, jump down diagonally over the railing and open the 100 rupees chest. Merge the wall to your left and walk right until your reach the other area with ground to walk on. Unmerge and proceed southwest to the next "room".
  • Walk south on the moving bridge and merge/unmerge when necessary so you won't fall down into the void. Proceed southeast.
  • Merge the rotating walls and unmerge on the other side. Merge the east wall, go through the crack and unmerge in the first room of the dungeon. Pass through that other crack on the east wall of that room, get the 100 rupees chest, then come back and leave the dungeon through the south exit.

Boss Strategy: Yuga

Shoot 2 arrows directly at the start of the fight and start moving around the room until he comes back out of the wall. Shoot another 2 arrows without getting to close. Do the same for his second phase (3 cycles instead of 2). If you run out of energy and can't shoot a 2nd arrow, get close to him and use your sword to finish a cycle.

Big Key Skip

Discovered By Zetumz

If you have done the Item Rental Early skip, you'll be able to use the Tornado Rod in Eastern Palace. It is possible to get on top of the walls by luring an Armos Statue on the highest platform near the west (which can be accessed by activating the elevator switch) door and then using it to Tornado Rod Lift. The easiest way to pull of the skip is to have the statue approach you from the north, rather than from the side or diagonally. Also, using your sword to push the statue on the elevator works well.

Eastern Palace Big Key Skip

Once you're on top of the wall, simply walk along it and directly into the boss room loading zone. (No need to walk slowly or anything special.)

Pass the First Big Boulder in 1F

By allowing yourself to get hurt by one of the small boulders, you can use your temporary invincibility to walk through the first big boulder that appears. This allows the room to be completed a bit quicker than if you just waited for it to pass you.

EP boulder strat

Boss Door Room Switches Strategy

Note: Only one switch (the one just left of the Big Door, see second picture below) has to be activated if you're going to perform the Big Key skip.

In this room, diagonal shots with the bow can be used to quickly activate all of the switches. On the right side of the room is a set of two switches. You can hit the left switch (activating the rising platform) while standing roughly in the top right corner of the platform as seen in the picture below, allowing you to stand on it before it rises in the cutscene. The right switch can be hit with another diagonal shot while standing near the eastern door.

Eastern Diagonal Shot 1

After you've collected the key from the room to the east, you can hit the exposed switch on the left if you stand at the position below, activating the rising platform on the left side of the room.

ALBW Eastern Left Platform Switch

Once you've returned from the Big Key room you can hit the switch that rotates the pathway to the boss room door by standing at this spot:

Eastern Diagonal Shot 2

After Yuga

After beating Yuga, if you merge on the right hand side of the wall, you will reach an elevated platform with a blue rupee, from where you can drop down diagonally and reach the first 100 rupees chest. From there, you can then merge the wall and follow the green rupees trail to get to the southwest exit to the next area.

ALBW Eastern After Boss Merge

Left Balcony Skip

With Bombs

Without Bombs

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