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QE-Canceling is a technique using Quick Equip that allows Link to move sooner after using certain items. This technique cancels the ending part of item using animations, thus opening up movement quicker than intended. This technique is used for Fire Rod Boosting and Ice Rod Clipping.

How To

  1. Use item of choice (out of viable items listed below).
  2. Wait until the item has performed it's action (arrow shot, ice block dropped, etc.).
  3. Press the Quick Equip button right after the item has let out its attack.

The items using animation will be cut short and Link will be able to move instantly after use. Alternatively, this can also be done by opening the Items Menu after using an item, then manually switching that item out. It works the same as QE-Canceling but is noticeably slower.

QE-Cancelable Items

Not every item in the game can actually be QE-Canceled. Some items using animation will never shorten when attempting to QE-Cancel them. Out of the items in the game, these are the one that are QE-Cancel viable:

  • Bow
  • Fire Rod
  • Hammer
  • Ice Rod
  • Sand Rod


  • If the Hammer is QE-Canceled just as it touches the ground, the smashing sound will play but without the visual effect. This will cause the Hammer to perform it's action but without using up any stamina. The only negative is that it will not stun enemies like it normally does.
  • All Nice versions of these items can be QE-Canceled.
Last updated 07/03/2022 – RickWithAnH