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Hyrule Castle

Required Item: Master Sword

Recommended Items: Bow, Tornado Rod

Route Inside The Dungeon

  • Wait until Impa comes back and go through the north door to see Zelda. Dash south after she gave you the pendant.
  • Take the west door.
  • Dash diagonally southwest then southeast to exit the Castle.
  • Enter the big center door.
  • Dash north to the next room.
  • Kill the Yellow Ball & Chain Soldier and exit the room through the east door.
  • Dash southeast then north to take the staircase to 3F.
  • Kill all the enemies in the room and go through the southwest door. (See 3F Room Strategy With Bow)
  • Use an Armos Statue to skip the next room. (See Armos Statues Room Skip)
  • Take the staircase to 4F.
  • Wait until Yuga leaves and dash northeast to enter the staircase to 5F.
  • Dash south to reach the door to the next area.
  • Enter the door at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Dash north to reach the staircase to 6F.
  • Follow the path leading to the door in the southeast corner of the room.
  • Enter the door that is just north of the one you came from.
  • Take the staircase to 7F.
  • Dash south.
  • Walk up the stairs and take the staircase to the boss room.
  • BOSS: Yuga. (See Strategy)

Boss Strategy: Yuga

By dealing 2 sword slashes to Yuga per cycle, the fight can be completed in a total of 5 cycles. When he is moving around the room as a portrait, if the real Yuga doesn't cross path with any of the other 2 portaits, then you can follow him and know where he will pop out. If he crosses path with another portrait, then the real Yuga can take either one of the two directions, making it impossible to predict where he will jump out.

3F Room Strategy With Bow or Ice Rod

There is an enemy on the far east of the room in 3F that you are supposed to reach and kill by merging a wall and travelling all the way from across the room. That can be avoided by using the Bow or Ice Rod. For the Bow, shoot it from the highest place in the west portion of the room. Be aware that the enemy moves around, so he might be a pain to take out using this method. For the Ice Rod, simply stand close to him and continuously drop ice blocks until he dies. This method is much faster and is not affected by his movement.

Hyrule Castle Bow on 3F

Armos Statues Room Skip

Discovered By CloudMax

By using the Tornado Rod and an Armos Statue to push yourself while in the air, it is possible to land on any of the pillars in the room. Once on top of a pillar, you can reach the next area by simply walking directly south. The best idea is to do that a bit left of the third pillar (thirs starting from the right wall), so you end up near the next staircase you want to take.

5F Balcony Skip

Discovered By Weegeechan

By using the Tornado Rod and the northern Green Soldier on the first staircase, it is possible to get onto the railing and skip going out to the balcony.

First kill the Bomb Solider then lure the Green Soldier to the first set of stairs and stand up against the left railing. Have the Soldier come in on the same plane as you from the right and let him get clipped into Link's body. Use the Tornado Rod once he is clipped and Link should land on the railing below the stairs. Then walk under the northern platform and Tornado Rod and you will clip into it.

IHC 5F timesaver 1 IHC 5F timesaver 2

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