Note: Skipping the boomerang requires early bombs.

Completing the Forbidden Woods

As ridiculous as it may seem, it is possible to complete the Forbidden Woods without ever obtaining the boomerang (or the boss key for that matter). This is mainly due to fact that Kalle Demos can be defeated with the bombs, and the boss key can be skipped by utilizing the effects of chest storage.

Skipping the Boss Key

Discovered by KlydeStorm

Whether using dry storage or forest water storage, the key principle behind skipping the Forbidden Woods boss key is using one of the chests in the dungeon to get chest storage, which can then be used to slide past the boss door.

Defeating Kalle Demos with Bombs

For more information concerning defeating Kalle Demos with the bombs, click here.

Puppet Ganon’s First Phase

Although not having the boomerang means that you cannot cut down the ropes suspending Puppet Ganon’s tail during his first phase, this is little more than a slight inconvenience than a barrier to skipping the boomerang.

Skipping the Battle Entirely

Though possible, skipping the battle in its entirety requires a very lengthy zombie hover, as well as a certain degree of luck, as the keese that Phantom Ganon summons follow random patterns. Nevertheless as a “true” Low% would ideally skip the light arrow, more information on skipping this battle can be found here.

Avoid Cutting the Ropes Using Well-Timed Light Arrows

If you do not wish to attempt the hover required to skip this fight (as is normally the case) it is possible to hit Puppet Ganon’s tail without cutting it down. Since Puppet Ganon moves in relatively cyclic patterns during his first phase, it is relatively easy (with some practice) to know where his tail is going to be — mainly it moves back and forth until he attempts to attack you. You can then get you bow lined up with where his tail is going to be, and then use a well-timed shot to hit it.

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