The Hyrule Barrier

Note that this is more of a historical documentation page for characteristics of the barrier and potential theories leading to Barrier Skip. For information on the actual Barrier Skip discoveries and tricks, click here

Skipping the Barrier

Barrier Skip is a skip allowing the player to gain access to Ganon's Tower without breaking down the Hyrule Barrier.

In this picture, the pink area represents the edge of the knockback region. Everywhere inside can be freely walked around. Slightly behind that is the physical barrier. The physical barrier has no top. Touching the knockback region causes Link to be knocked back. This knockback can be temporarily canceled by pulling out the Wind Waker on the same frame that you stop blinking from getting damaged, or knocked back. The knockback gets re-enabled if you take damage or leave the knockback region.

Triggers for breaking the Barrier

On the japanese version, the only trigger needed to break the barrier is watching the Hyrule 3 electrical barrier cutscene going off. On the US/PAL versions, you also need the fully charged master sword.

That electrical barrier cutscene requires many triggers, which are:

  • The Master Sword Cutscene in Hyrule 1
  • The Courtyard Cutscene in Hyrule 2 (does not play if you already have the Triforce)
  • The Tetra to Zelda Transformation Cutscene in Hyrule 2
  • Defeating the Mighty Darknuts in the Master Sword Chamber (they only appear with the Triforce)

Performing the Barrier Skip

See the Hyrule page.

Other Theories

Go above:

1) Zombie Hover: The barrier extends so far up, that there is not enough horizontal space to get enough height to reach the top. Even if you got to the top, you would be knocked back because it is within the knockback zone.

2) Zombie Hover inside the damage field: In order to Zombie Hover, you need to take damage so you can have 0 hearts. Taking damage re-enables the knockback. To cancel it again, you need to stop blinking first, but you die before you are able to. Furthermore, nothing we have access to in Hyrule can allow disabling the knockback barrier while zombie hovering (stored text doesn't work).

Go through:

3) The only way to clip through is through the seam where two walls collide. This is how barrier skip with a bomb push works. This requires at least 35 speed, which is not a speed that can be reached without a bomb push.

Go under:

4) Wind Waker Dive, then Zombie Hover: you can't have cancelled the barrier and be dead at the same time, because you are still blinking when performing a zero heart wind waker dive.

5) Deku leaf: After the Wind Waker dive, you could use the deku leaf, but you are far too low and there is nothing to land on.

6) Using the death cutscene to cancel the knockback barrier: for some reason, even if you cancel the knockback barrier with the death cutscene, getting control back reenables the knockback.

Getting on the Railing



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