Wind Waker Dive

Discovered by Paraxade, Cerpin

Trick Description

Wind Waker Diving allows you to plummet downward by activating a cutscene just as you are about to fall. This can be done with any item that has a cutscene, but the Wind Waker is preferred, as the duration of the dive can be controlled. This can be used to "dive" underwater and swim beneath islands, but is more commonly used for storage. It can also be used to dive into the void without being warped to the start of the room.

How To

Climbing a Ledge:

  1. Find a ledge that has a wall or another solid object behind it that will cause Link's camera to turn a full 180 degrees when he pulls out the wind waker.
  2. Pull out and cancel the wind waker so that it is in Link's hand.
  3. Move Link towards the ledge so that he grabs and begins to climb it.
  4. Press the button the wind waker is on on the first possible frame. If you hit the proper frame Link will pull out the wind waker, pivot, and dive off of the ledge.

Using a Movable Object (Item Push):

  1. Stand near a ledge and pull out and cancel the wind waker so that it is in Link's hand.
  2. Set an object (such as a bomb, a pot, etc.) near the edge of the ledge.
  3. Walk towards the ledge, pushing up against the object, and pull out the wind waker. As with the slope method you may have to repeat this step multiple times in order to achieve a dive.

Alternative Method Using Bombs

Discovered by Demon9
  1. Stand facing a ledge that Link can jumpslash onto (this also works with ledges that Link cannot simply reach with a jumpslash, but can climb. You will want to scoot forward a little after climbing though).
  2. Jumpslash onto the ledge.
  3. Pull out a bomb and set it in front of you.
  4. Pull out and cancel the wind waker so that it is in your hand.
  5. Run towards the bomb and immediately press the button the wind waker is on to dive.

Walking off a Slope:

  1. Stand near a slope that Link will not grab when he goes to fall off of it.
  2. Walk towards the slope and pull out the wind waker.
  3. If you do not fall off of the ledge, try moving a bit closer to it and pull out the wind waker again. This step is often repeated multiple times until you achieve the dive.

Climbing a Ledge at a right Corner:

  1. Climb a ledge on the very far right side with the wind waker in Link's hand.
  2. Pull the wind waker on the first possible frame after Link's climbing animation. If done right, Link will dive on the right side of the ledge.

0 Heart Wind Waker Dive

Discovered by GlitchesandStuff

Wind Waker diving with 0 hearts allows you to immediately zombie hover after diving off of a ledge. To do this, stand on a surface with a drop-off so that the drop-off is on either your right or left. Make sure that your health has been lowered to 1/4 heart and place a bomb. Backoff from the bomb about the distance of the bomb's knock-back range and place another bomb--either slightly to the left or slightly to the right depending on which side the drop-off is--. Walk forward behind the original bomb and wait for it to explode. You should be knocked-back just behind the other bomb. As you begin to stand up, mash the button the Wind Waker is on and you should dive off the ledge. It should be noted that this version of a wind waker dive is incredibly difficult to pull off and currently has no applications.

Additional Notes

  • If there is solid ground below you, cancelling the wind waker dive 3 frames before landing on the ground with result in dry storage.
  • The ledge-climbing method is most commonly used to activate dry storage, though the either of the other methods (particularly the item-push method) can also be used for this purpose.
  • The level geometry used for the ledge-climbing method is not just confined to walls but also includes large trees (the ones you cannot cut down) and steep slopes (see the list of dry storage spots found here).
  • If you wait too long after diving into a body of water, Link will touch the "sea floor" and immediately surface after cancelling the wind waker. To avoid this, most dives can be timed by waiting for 2 counts on the wind waker scale, and then cancelling it.
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