100% (JP, no MSS) [OLD]

Written by TrogWW

Normal JP route on Outset
Collect rupees and get Heart Piece in the jail in Forsaken Fortress 1 [Hearts: 3 1/4]


Rescue Tingle, Pictobox, save warp
Enter Mrs. Marie’s house and talk to her twice
Talk to Ivan, start Hide and Seek minigame
Buy Sail
Catch all kids except Ivan
Take Picture of Anton and Linda
Take Picture of Garrison (guy sending his letter)
Catch Ivan [Hearts: 3 2/4]
Talk to Mrs. Marie and then talk to the kids again
Enter Sploosh Kaboom minigame and win until you get 2x Treasure Chart and Heart Piece [Hearts: 3 3/4]

  • Treasure Chart #7 (200), Treasure Chart #23 (HP)

Enter the bar and take a picture of guy when he's scared (throw a pot near him or bonk), save warp

Sail to Dragon Roost

Dragon Roost

Learn Wind's Requiem (Zephos Skip)
Do letter sorting game for Mama's Letter
Head to DRC

Dragon Roost Cavern

Call Tingle and head through the main room with taking some damage from bokoblins
Use tingle balloon to cross the main room to the bomb flower
Enter the door leading to the chest for Treasure Chart #11 (HP) and Tingle Balloon to it
Take remaining damage at the red chus
Zombie Hover to second floor
Kill Bokoblins and light torches for Treasure Chart #39 (200)
Head up to top to save Medli, break Moblin orb for Skull Necklace [SN: 1]
Get chest storage on Knight’s Crest chest and also break pot above that chest for Joy Pendant [KC: 1] [JP: 1]
BK Skip, kill Gohma, get Heart Container [Hearts: 4 3/4]

Example run through from after Dragon Roost Cavern until getting bombs

Forest Haven

Get double storage and superswim to Forest Haven (get air refills to be safe) Wind Waker dive and head to Deku Tree
Deku Tree cutscene skip (optional)
Get Deku Leaf
Leave through the normal exit
Set wind NW Use a tingle balloon to get to Forbidden Woods Grapple two peahats [Golden Feathers (GF): 2)

Forbidden Woods

Go through FW with Chest Storage route for getting Boomerang with some differences:

  • Get Treasure Chart #1 in the first room using a tingle bomb
  • Grapple both Peahats for their golden feathers in the chest storage room [GF: 4]
  • In the room with cones hanging, open chest for Joy Pendant and leaf to the other side
  • Grapple at least 3 of the 4 peahats in the next room before the miniboss [GF: 8]
  • defeat miniboss with leaf strat
  • Break miniboss orb for Golden Feather and magic [GF: 9]
  • leave normally, open eye door, grapple at least 3 of the 4 peahats [GF: 12]
  • reset room from top door, grapple at least 3 of the 4 peahats again [GF:16]
  • leaf, or tingle balloon accross upper room with the pinecones
  • cut flower in central room, drop down to basement
  • Grapple Peahat on the way there + in the room with the chest [GF: 17]
  • use a tingle bomb to remove barricade to treasure chart room
  • Grapple all 3 Peahats in room with Treasure Chart [GF: 20]
  • NOTE: if you are short on golden feathers, there are opportunities for backups: (2 kargarocs before Tower of the Gods Boss room, 1 kargaroc at Fire Mountain, 1 mothula in Horseshoe island)

Enter the warp pot
Go left with eye door that leads to small key, get chest storage in the pit Head to boss room as normal
Kill Kalle Demos, get Heart Container [Hearts: 5 3/4]
Get forest firefly after cutscene ends, save warp

Getting Nayru's Pearl

Enter Beedle's ship at Forest Haven

  • purchase bait bag, 2 hyoi pears, and 1 bait

Superswim to E. Triangle and set pearl

Superswim to N. Triangle and set pearl

Superswim to Islet of Steel

  • get Triforce Chart #1
  • SAVE WARP (required to enter KoRL)

Sail to Greatfish for endless night

  • get double storage

Superswim to Windfall

  • NOTE: Save warping is not required here to get avoid the fadeout, but in very rare cases it can still happen, so for safety you should consider saving

Enter Lenzo's house, activate cutscene at upper floor, leave
Show Lenzo all 3 pictures (order: Mailbox guy, bar, couple)
Show forest firefly for deluxe pictobox
Leaf to pirate ship, password skip
Get bombs, savewarp

Mail Mama's Letter
Take picture of full moon
Get Double Storage and superswim to Outset

  • Get 1000 Rupee Wallet, bottle a fairy, and save warp
  • Go get Soup from Grandma
  • Get Heart Piece under Grandma’s house, save warp [Hearts: 6 0/4] (you can also clip with a bomb and leaf into the loading zone)
  • Head to Jabun to get Nayru's Pearl

Superswim to S. Triangle and set pearl

Tower of the Gods

Tower of the Gods like normal except some stuff:

  • Knights Crest from Darknut [KC: 2]
  • Get Treasure Chart #30 (HP) in the room west of scale room
  • If you are short on Golden Feathers, grapple the Kargarocs before the boss door

Defeat Gohdan, get Heart Container [Hearts: 7 0/4]

Puzzle Skip
Get Master Sword
Grapple 7 Skull Necklaces and 1 Knight’s Crests, Hyrule Escape [SN: 8] [KC: 3]
Enter ToG again and get Treasure Chart #6 (200)
Save warp and leave

To Hyrule 2

Sail to Cyclos at N. Triangle and learn Ballad of Gales
Sail to N. Triangle

Warp to Windfall
Learn Song of Passing
Talk to Anton to clear his “Welcome to Windfall speech”
Talk to and take photo of Linda
Head into upper part of Lenzo’s house

  • Treasure Chart #29 (200)
  • Also get right chest for 50 rupees
  • Take photo of Lenzo

Buy Town Flower to start Goron Flower sidequest
Talk to gossip ladies twice, then show picture for Treasure Chart #24 (200)
Show guy on stairs full moon for Treasure Chart #31 (HP)
Take picture of lady and show her for Treasure Chart #33 (HP)

Superswim to FF2

Forsaken Fortress 2

Get storage on Skull Hammer chest and do Chest Storage route

  • Kill Helmaroc (with storage strats) and get the Heart Container [Hearts: 8 0/4]

Hyrule 2 cutscenes
Get some bombs in Hyrule so you have enough for Six Eye Reef

To Earth Temple

Sail to Six Eye Reef and get Treasure Chart #26 (Big Octo Chart)

Sail to submarine South of Six Eye Reef

  • Grapple Bokoblins on rafts for Joy Pendants [JP: 7]
  • Grapple Skull Necklaces from Moblins [SN: 11]
  • Refill bombs up to 30 from Moblin orbs
  • Get Heart Piece inside, save warp [Hearts: 8 1/4]

Sail to Cyclops Reef

  • Defeat enemies for Treasure Chart #21 (Light Ring Chart)

Warp to Mother & Child Isle for Fire/Ice Arrows

  • Get Storage, clip out of Mother & Child with Camera Lock

Superswim to Gale Island

  • Learn Wind God’s Aria

Superswim and drown at Fire Mountain

  • If you happen to have less than 20 GFs, you can farm some here
  • Get Power Bracelets

Superswim to Northern Fairy Isle

  • Get 5000 rupee wallet

Sail to submarine NW of NFI and grapple 4x JP outside of the sub [JP: 11]

  • Also get skull necklace if you missed earlier
  • Enter it and get Treasure Chart #22 (200)
  • Save warp

Warp to Greatfish

  • Leaf to Heart Piece [Hearts: 8 2/4]
  • Trade with Goron TWICE:
    • Town Flower for Sea Flower
    • Sea Flower for Exotic Flower

Superswim to Horseshoe Island

  • Get Treasure Chart #8 (200) inside island
  • Get the chest outside for Heart Piece [Hearts: 8 3/4]

Superswim drown to Two-Eye Reef

  • Defeat enemies for Treasure Chart #13 (Secret cave chart)
  • Leaf to chest
  • Jump in water then save warp (puts you in a good location to sail to Big Octo)

Sail to Big Octo and kill it for Double Magic
Sail to Headstone and learn Earth God's Lyric

Superswim to Islet of Steel and get Triforce Chart #1

Warp to Dragon Roost

  • Shoot down chest for 200 rupees
  • Give the Golden Feathers to the bird
  • Get Medli

Superswim to Bird’s Peak Rock

  • Get Triforce Chart #3

Superswim to Ice Ring Isle

  • Get the treasure chest for Treasure Chart #36 (200)
  • jump slash onto the chest to get to the upper ledge and leaf to last iceberg
  • Get the Iron Boots and save warp

Double storage superswim to Headstone to enter Earth Temple

Earth Temple

  • Grapple Moblins for Skull Necklaces [SN: 14]
  • Shine light on chest to make it appear and then do Early Mirror Shield
  • Save warp
  • Grapple Moblins again [SN: 17]
  • Chest storage route up to small key in room with floor masters (use soup)
  • Fill up on bombs from skulls
  • Store Treasure Chart chest #20 (HP) #12 (200)
  • Make your way to boss with chest storage
  • Kill Jalhalla and get the Heart Container [Hearts: 9 3/4]
  • After cutscene head into Earth Temple again and take warp pot
  • Grapple Skull Necklaces [SN: 20 ALL SKULL NECKLACES]
  • Enter the door to the left and kill Stalfos for Treasure Chart #12 (200) and then save warp

To Wind Temple

Fly seagull to Heart Piece [Hearts: 10 0/4]

Superswim to Angular Isles

  • get a chest for another Heart Piece [Hearts: 10 1/4]
  • Save warp
  • Open Treasure Charts (#11, #15, #20, #23, #30, #31, #33)
  • Fish up Heart Piece (Chart #15) [Hearts: 10 2/4]

Warp to Forest Haven

  • Get Makar
  • Fish up Heart Piece (#31) [Hearts: 10 3/4]

Sail to submarine at center of Bomb Island quadrant

  • Grapple JP from Bokoblins outside
  • Enter Submarine, Grapple JP off Bokoblins [JP: 15]
  • Bottle #2 and save warp

Sail to Bomb Island

  • Fish up Heart Piece (Chart #20) [Hearts: 11 0/4]
  • Trade with Goron TWICE:
    • Exotic Flower for Sickle Moon Flag
    • Sick Moon Flag for Fountain Idol
  • Get Heart Piece inside [Hearts: 11 1/4]
  • Save warp

Superswim to Flight Control Platform

  • Win game for Heart Piece [Hearts: 11 2/4]

Warp to Mother & Child Isles

  • Clip out
  • Trade with Goron: Fountain Idol for Big Sale's Flag

Superswim to Gale Island

Wind Temple

Storage route up to Hookshot

  • Use 100 rupee chest for Chest Storage
  • Break Darknut orb for Knight's Crest [KC: 4]
  • Break floors in Small Key room for Treasure Chart #35 (200)
  • Use bomb with last floor panel to not fall down when breaking it
  • If Floormaster gets you, L-Slide clip with Hookshot to get down
  • Get Small Key
  • Hookshot clip to go to bottom floor
  • Kill enemies and store chest which contains Treasure Chart #5 (HP)
  • Grapple Bokoblins up to 36 Joy Pendants [JP: 36]
  • BK Skip and kill Molgera [Hearts: 12 2/4]

To Ghost Ship

Superswim to Overlook

  • Grab Knight’s Crests [KC: 8]
  • Grapple all 5 bokoblins for 40 Joy Pendants [JP: 40 ALL JOY PENDANTS]
  • Triforce Chart #8

Warp to Windfall

  • Play Song of Passing to make it day if needed
  • Show Anton photo of Linda
  • Talk to Linda
  • Get Maggie’s Letter
  • Leave without savewarp
  • Play Song of Passing to make it night
  • store the upper door from the outside
  • Mail Maggie's letter and get all the mail (3X Heart pieces) [Hearts: 13 1/4]
    -Say no to paying for letters 6 (INcredible chart) or letter 10!
  • Open Tingle’s Jail door, sends you to Maggie’s house, watch cutscene
  • Drop down to lower level, start Auction
  • Auction for Heart Piece and Treasure Charts x2 #17 (1) #38 (HP) [Hearts: 13 2/4]
  • Always bet 10% (rounded down) for stun (only for HP chart and Heart Piece)
  • Optimal strategy for the 1 rupee chart:
    • bid 17 rupees (it’ll be 20 rupees before you can bid again)
    • bid +10 (30) rupees for stun
    • bid +15 (45) rupees for stun
    • bid 10% of the current price for the remaining stuns
  • Talk to Mila
  • Set wind North, activate windmill
  • Shoot light on top of windmill
  • Leaf to guy with Heart Piece [Hearts: 13 3/4]
  • Wait for Mila and get Bottle #3
  • Play Song of Passing to make it day
  • Get Magic Armor
  • Enter bar
  • get the letter for Mila
  • Talk to Linda for Heart Piece [Hearts: 14 0/4]
  • Give Mrs. Marie all 41 Joy Pendants for Cabana Deed + Hero’s Charm
  • Give Maggie’s Dad 20x SN for Treasure Chart #2 (HP)
  • Give Maggie letter for Heart Piece [Hearts: 14 1/4]
  • Save warp

Superswim drown to Four-Eye Reef

  • Set wind SE
  • Defeat enemies
  • Break barrels for bombs
  • Leaf to Treasure Chart #19 (Island Hearts Chart)

Superswim (get storage off of chest) or sail to Western Fairy Island

  • Get 60 arrow upgrade

Sail to Three-Eye Reef

  • Open Treasure Charts (#2, #5, #38)
  • Fish up Heart Piece (Chart #38) [Hearts: 14 2/4]
  • Break skulls for bombs
  • Defeat enemies for Treasure Chart #32 (Sea Hearts Chart)

Sail to Needle Rock

  • Bomb Golden Ship for Treasure Chart #16

Sail to Diamond Steppe

  • Fish up Heart Piece (Chart #23) [Hearts: 14 3/4]
  • There are two likely bomb drops in the grass if you need them
  • get Ghost Ship Chart with bomb push clip

Sail to Five-Eye Reef

  • Kill enemies for Treasure Chart #41 (Great Fairy Chart)
  • get storage on chest

Superswim to Ghost Ship at Greatfish (play Song of Passing beforehand if you don't think it will be night before you get there)

  • Farm at least 4900 rupees
  • Get Triforce Chart #4
  • Sail to merchant
  • Trade with Goron TWICE:
    • Big Sale Flag for Hero’s Flag
    • Hero’s Flag for Postman Statue

Forest Water Quest

Superswim to Rock Spire

  • Enter island for Treasure chart #37 (200)
  • Fish up Heart Piece by Rock Spire (Chart #2) [Hearts: 15 0/4]
  • Enter Beedle's ship for all three items (Treasure Chart #4 (HP)(Bottle) [Hearts: 15 1/4]
  • Defeat battleship to the right for Heart Piece [Hearts: 15 2/4]

Warp to Forest Haven

  • Get Forest water
  • grapple and leaf to HP at nearby island [Hearts: 15 3/4]

Superswim to Cliff Plateau Isles

  • Treasure Chart #25 (200)

Superswim to Private Oasis

  • Get Treasure Chart #27 (200)
  • Enter Cabana
  • Rupees and Triforce Chart #2

Superswim to the sub NW of Headstone for Treasure Chart #14 (200), save warp

  • Stock up on bomb drops from the rats, make sure you have 30 bombs before leaving

Set wind NE
Sail to Shark Island

  • Open Treasure Charts (#4, #16)
  • Fish up Treasure Chart #28 (from Treasure Chart #16)

Superswim to Needle Rock

  • Hit switch with seagull for Heart Piece [Hearts: 16 0/4]
  • Save warp (unless you did the drowning strat)
  • Open Treasure Chart (#28)
  • Fish up Treasure Chart #3 (from Treasure Chart #28)

Warp to Tingle

  • Decipher Charts (#1, #2, #3, #4, #8)
  • Open obtained Triforce Charts and open Treasure Chart (#3)

Sail North to kill Big Octo

  • Get Heart Piece [Hearts: 16 1/4]

Sail to Spectacle Island and do minigame

  • Treasure Chart #17 (200)
  • Heart Piece [Hearts: 16 2/4]

Superswim to Eastern Fairy Island

  • 60 Bomb Upgrade
  • Fish up Treasure Chart #40 (from Treasure Chart #3)

Sail to Pawprint Isle

  • Fish up Heart Piece close to island (Chart #30) [Hearts: 16 3/4]
  • Talk to Savage Corp for Treasure Chart #34 (200)
  • Enter hole for Heart Piece [Hearts: 17 0/4]

Superswim to Mother & Child Isles

  • Trade with Goron: Postman Statue for Shop Guru Statue

Superswim to Star Isle

  • Enter cave for Heart Piece [Hearts: 17 1/4]

Warp to Greatfish

  • Fish up Triforce Shard #1
  • Trade with Goron: Shop Guru Statue for Heart Piece [Hearts: 17 2/4]
  • WATER TREE [Hearts: 17 3/4]

Finishing the Triforce Quest

Superswim to Stonewatcher

  • Enter Stonewatcher and get Triforce Chart #7
  • Collect Knight’s Crest [KC: 10/10 ALL KNIGHT’S CRESTS]
  • save warp
  • Fish up Triforce Shard #3

Sail to platform East of Stonewatcher Island

  • Break cannons from top for Heart Piece [Hearts: 18 0/4]
  • Get bomb storage off of unopened chest nearby

Superswim to Outset

  • 500 hits on Orca for Heart Piece [Hearts: 18 1/4]
  • Give him KC's for Hurricane Spin
  • Throw big pig to other side for Heart Piece [Hearts: 18 2/4]

Head to Savage Labyrinth

  • Get rupees
  • Store Triforce Chart #6, void out, and recollect rupees, repeat until you have at least 1194

- Save warp
- Fish up Triforce Shard #4

Sail to Headstone

  • Open Treasure Chart (#40)
  • Get Triforce Chart #5 (from Treasure Chart #40)

Sail to Two-eye reef

  • Get Shard #8

Warp to Tingle Island

  • Decipher remaining charts (#5, #6, #7)

Superswim to Gale Isle

  • Fish up Triforce Shard #2

Sail to Crescent Moon Island

  • Fish up Heart Piece (Chart #11) [Hearts: 18 3/4]
  • Get chest for Treasure Chart #10 (200)

Sail to Submarine North of Crescent Moon

  • Get Treasure Chart #9 (200)

Sail to Seven-Star Isles

  • Kill Big Octo for Heart Piece [Hearts: 19 0/4]
  • Get Triforce Shard #7

Warp to Southern Fairy Island

  • Fish up Heart Piece (Chart #4) [Hearts: 19 1/4]
  • Get 99 bomb upgrade

Sail to S. Triangle

  • Fish up Triforce Shard #6

Warp to Forest Haven
Superswim to submarine on the SE of Five-Star Isles square (lots of rafts to aim for)

  • Get Heart Piece [Hearts: 19 2/4]
  • Go North and fish up Heart Piece (Chart #33) [Hearts: 19 3/4]

Sail to Cliff Plateau Isles

  • get Triforce Shard #5

Superswim to Thorned Fairy Island and get 99 Arrow Upgrade

  • Fish up Heart Piece (Chart #5) [Hearts: 20 ALL HEARTS]

Warp to Tower of the Gods

  • Beat the game like normal
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