Tower of the Gods

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Saving Outside the Dungeon

In a segmented run, normally you would save at one of two points after raising the Tower of the Gods: either inside the dungeon, or outside of it. When saving inside the dungeon, you have to watch the initial cutscene before you can save. This cutscene lasts approximately 9 seconds. When you reopen the file, the water level will have been reset and you'll have to wait for the water level to rise once you've swam over to the platform on the right. However, if you save outside then dungeon, those 9 seconds spent watching the initial cutscene are also spent waiting on the water level. You'll notice that now when you swim over to the right, that the water level will rise before you get to the platform.

Door Clip

Discovered by MrSparkle

With some Tower of Gods doorways, you can clip past the wall the door is in.

To perform the clip, position Link atop the door, to the far right side. Face the wall diagonally to the left, then backwalk off the door. To keep from aligning perpendicular to the wall L target from first person view. Keeping L held down the entire time, climb back up then repeat about 2 times. When you climb up and get pushed into the wall it worked. Careful as you are not far from being ejected back in bounds. The better the initial positioning, the fewer iterations needed, almost all the time 3 will do it.

Floor 1 Skip

Method 1 - Ledge Clip

Discovered by Unreal

To perform this, get a statue and throw it to the corner. Get on the top of the pillar using a backflip and leaf and walk off the edge of the pillar slowly so that you grab the edge instead of jumping off. Now tap Left and Link should go through the wall. Now Climb up and adjust your angle to jump out of bounds, then use the Leaf to fly to the hallway with the door leading to the rest of the dungeon.

Note that you can use a bomb instead of the statue to be a little bit faster.

Method 2 - Glitchless

Discovered by Kazooie

From the entrance, go right onto the ledge. Hop onto the pillar near the hut where you place the statue, then Deku Leaf over on top of the hut. Climb to the peak of it, and wait until the water is about to rise. Facing the entrance with water pouring out of it, backflip and pull out the Deku Leaf immediately. Glide over through the waterfall, and release the Deku Leaf when you're up against the front of the entrance when the water is raised. If done right, you'll be sucked inside.

Method 3 - Superswim

Discovered by Abahbob

Using a slow superswim, it is possible to simply climb the ledge behind the waterfall, skipping the beginning of the temple. This is most useful in a TAS.

Method 4: Ledge Clip from Left Side

Discovered by TrogWW

On the left side of TotG, behind the bombable walls, there is a spot in which you can perform a ledge clip out of bounds and skip the first floor. This method is rarely useful.

Early Treasure Chart 6

Discovered by gamer glitchs & tricks, improved by JarheadHME

Enter the room and go in the corner on your left. Place a bomb and time a jumpslash to get a bomb boost up onto the door frame. From there, it is possible to clip OoB (see Door Clip) and glide behind the wall, to the chest containing Treasure Chart 6, skipping the requirement to backtrack there with the bow. However, in 100% speedruns, going back for that treasure chart later with the bow is a very quick detour, quick enough to obsolete this trick. This is useful for dungeon ILs.

Switch Timesaver

Discovered by Chimpas

After placing statues on the right and middle switches, roll over the left switch, and you will land of the rising platform as the cutscene begins.

Skip walking around with the 1st Goddess Statue

Method 1 - With Tingle Tuner

If you have the Tingle Tuner activated, you can use a Tingle Balloon to walk in air with the statue, skipping having to make the statue follow you under the rainbow floor.

Method 2 - Without Tingle Tuner

Discovered by Jack

Place the Goddess Statue under the rainbow floor, and get on it. Call the statue to make it follow you, and go right over it. It is possible to pick up the statue through the floor by pressing A while standing up after crawling.

Bow Early

Discovered by Paraxade

Grapple to the post on the ceiling and position yourself with the left side of the door to the far left. Swing, and release mid swing, using the deku leaf to reach the top of the door. Door clip and jump into the loading zone.

Note: Obtaining the bow early doesn't save time when the Tower of the Gods has to be beaten because the platform cycle doesn't line up properly.

Skip Command Melody on the 2nd Goddess Statue

Discovered by Cosmo

After you picked up the second statue on the first floor, you are supposed to use the Command Melody to jump him over a bridge you get from standing on a switch. Instead of doing this, you can walk with the statue to the ledge on the same side as the switch. Walk up to the pillar which stops you from continue. Walk slowly until Link's left foot is in the air (and a few more pixels) and focus. Change the view until the left side of the screen is at the edge of the right eye of the statue in front of you. Drop focus and move your stick to the right until link has turned 90 degrees. Focus, and sidehop. Continue as normal.

Another alternative setup is the following. Sidle on the pillar to the right of the statue all the way to the right side. Release, turn around, and neutral slash the pillar. Call the statue and grab it, keeping that final angle. Get into the corner near the edge, and once settled in, time sidehops to make it across.

Darknut Miniboss Strategy


Walk up to the Darknut and immediately do three consecutive quickspins and a regular sword slash on its armor. Now parry the Darknut when he gives you the option to do so and if you get an overhead parry do a stab to knock off the Darknut's armor from behind. Now it should only take a single quickspin attack to finish him off. The reason this works is because the damage done to the Darknut's armor gets applied to the Darknut's regular health if you knock off the armor from behind and don't destroy it.

Strategies for Late Game Darknuts

All late game Darknuts can be defeated by using a combination of ice arrows and the skull hammer. Ideally you'll do an overhead parry on the Darnut and can then target him to easily shoot him with an ice arrow. A Darknut is not frozen for very long, so right after shooting it you'll need to pull out the skull hammer and do a jumpslash to shatter the darknut before it regains control of itself. if you happen to get a parry around the darknut and knock off its body armor, shoot the darknut without targeting it as targeting will shoot the ice arrow at the darknut's head.

Bow Skip

The only requirement the bow has in Tower of the Gods is shooting the eye switch in the room right after obtaining the bow itself. Shooting the eye reveals movable platforms, which can then be used to carry the second statue across the gap into the central room.

This can be avoided with the use of chest storage. First, obtain chest storage in the first floor or from the tingle chest. Then, after you collect the second statue and carry it to the room where the bow is normally required, use chest storage to navigate around and through the pillars to carry it across the gap.

It is possible to do this without chest storage as well. See this page.

This eye switch is the only place where the bow is required in TotG, since it is possible, although extremely difficult, to defeat Gohdan using only bombs (see here).

Glide to Small Key

Discovered by Chimpas

Simply glide to the rising platform and jump to the small key chest. To get back to the door quicker, jump into the abyss and you will death warp back to the door.

Scale Room Timesavers

Trick 1

The fastest way to cross the gap coming from the main room is to perform a few very good leaf pumps and a precise leaf cancel to grab the ledge leading to the locked door. This skips having to put down any of the statues on the scales.

Trick 2

Discovered by Unreal

Place one statue on either of the scales. Jump off the ledge by the opposite scale and glide to the scale's far edge with the deku leaf. Fall, roll, and grab the ledge of the platform.

Trick 3

The Tingle Tuner doesn't allow you to use a Tingle Balloon in the Sale Room. However, by activating a Tingle Balloon right before entering the Scale Room, you can still make use of it: you have just enough time to cross the gap with the statue with it

Trick 4

Discovered by Klydestorm

Put two statues on one of the two scales. On the opposite scale, while holding the goddess statue, sidehop back and forth until the scale reachs the appropriate level, then proceed to the next room.

This is a very high risk very low reward trick.

Skip Command Melody on the 3rd Goddess Statue

With Deku Leaf

Discovered by Chimpas

Get on the block in the middle of the room and glide to the golden ledge on the left side of the lasers. From here, glide and grab the ledge of the statue. "Call" the goddess statue, then immediately glide back over the lasers.

With Bomb Boost

If you fail the trick above by falling and getting trapped by the lazers, it is interesting to know that you can escape using a bomb boost.

Skip Lasers

Method 1 - Bomb Boost

Discovered by Chimpas

Method 2 - Deku Leaf

Discovered by ?

Ringing Bell Timesaver

Instead of climbing up the ladder and grappling to the clapper of the bell, you can skip climbing the ladder all together. Get up against the ladder without climbing it and pull out the Grappling Hook. Aim it at the bottom of the bell platform until the yellow targeting symbol appears. Now just grapple to the bell.

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