L-Slide Clipping

L-Slide Clipping

Discovered by Phazon

Immediately after shooting the grappling hook or hookshot, it is possible to change your position by pressing L and a direction on the control stick. This is called L sliding. It can be used to clip by L sliding in a direction that puts a solid object between you and your intended target. This will pull you through the object. Knockback-inducing damage, such as a bomb, is generally used to prevent you from coming out the other side of the object.

Hookshot Sliding

If you perform a L-Slide but let go of target during it, you will continue sliding forward with the L-Slide speed. This is called an hookshot slide. You can also change Link's orientation by moving the hookshot and change the slide direction that way (since you always slide forward).

Last updated 03/15/2023 – EJ125