Pearls Swords Triforce (ENG, Tuner, no MSS)


Forsaken Fortress 1

Wind Waker

Greatfish/Bombs Early

Deku Leaf

Forbidden Woods

Nayru's Pearl

Ghost Ship Chart (optional, can get later)

S. Triangle

E. Triangle


N. Triangle


Master Sword


FF2 (superswim from N. Triangle or warp to Windfall and swim from there)

Hyrule 2 cutscenes

Warp to MaC, Fire and Ice Arrows

Gale Isle/WGA

Fire Mountain/Power Bracelets

Superswim to N. Fairy for 1k wallet

Warp to Outset, set wind NE, sail to Headstone for WGA (can keep west and sail from S. Fairy, saves two wind changes)

Superswim to IoS, get chart, save warp

Golden Ship

Warp to DRI, get Medli

Warp to S. Fairy, sail to Ice Ring (alternatively if you keep wind west and sail to Headstone from S. Fairy, can ss from FH here)

Iron Boots

Set wind west, double storage superswim to Headstone, Earth Temple

Superswim to Diamond Steppe for the Ghost Ship chart early/Ghost Ship

Collect rupees and chart

Warp to FH, get Makar

Warp to Windfall, swim to Gale Isle, Wind Temple


Warp to Outset, get 5k wallet from the FoF, save warp

Savage Labyrinth, farm to ~2.6k rupees in triforce chest room save warp

Superswim to Stonewatcher, get chart

Superswim to Private Oasis, get chart

Superswim to BPR, get chart

Warp Tingle, decipher charts

Shard collection

Hyrule 3

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