Common Terms and Abbreviations

For beginners and newcomers to this game, here is a complete list on the common terms and abbreviations used on this site for The Wind Waker and what they all mean. You may find this resource to be very useful when it comes to understanding the language of the various routes used in speedrunning this game.


DRCDragon Roost Cavern
DRIDragon Roost Island
FF1First visit to Forsaken Fortress
FF2Second visit to Forsaken Fortress
FF3Visiting Forsaken Fortress any time after the second visit and Valoo "killing" Ganondorf cutscene
FHForest Haven
FoFForest of Fairies (Forest on top of Outset Island where Tetra falls at the beginning of the game.)
FWForbidden Woods, Forest Water
GFIGreat Fish Isle
H1Hyrule 1 or the First Visit to Hyrule (to get the Master Sword)
H2Hyrule 2 or the Second Visit to Hyrule (after FF2 with Tetra)
H3Hyrule 3 or the Third Visit to Hyrule (to defeat Ganondorf)
ToG or TotGTower of the Gods

Items & Enemy Treasures:

BoGBallad of Gales
BKBoss Key
CMCommand Melody
DL or LeafDeku Leaf
EGLEarth God's Lyric
FWForest Water
GFGolden Feather
Grapple, HookGrappling Hook
JPJoy Pendant
KCKnight's Crest
SHSkull Hammer
SNSkull Necklace
TT or TunerTingle Tuner
WGAWind God's Aria
WWWind Waker


KDKalle Demos
KoRLKing of Red Lions
NPCNon-playable Character
PGPhantom Ganon or Puppet Ganon


101 Rupee TrickUsing a Tingle Bomb on a ledge on the West side of Outset Island a pot will appear. Breaking the pot reveals an orange rupee. Using the song of passing will cause this pot to reappear and you can get the rupee again.
BiTBack in Time. Typically referred to as the Title Screen Glitch in TWW.
BK SkipBoss Key Skip. Usually preformed by accessing the boss room loading zone from OoB. Currently in TWW, every dungeon with a boss key (except the ToG) has a boss key skip.
Black WindResetting the neutral position of the control stick so its always slightly down left or down right (referred to in OoT or MM as ESS position), typically used during transitions between scenes. This is done by holding the control stick at the desired angle and then holding start + X + Y together and releasing them.
DeathwarpIntentionally killing yourself or jumping into a void to warp back to the beginning of a room or dungeon.
EMSEarly Master Sword (Done by accessing FF2 early and activating the "meeting Ganondorf" cutscene. Currently useless.)
SavewarpSaving and then reseting to return to the first room of a dungeon, etc. Usually used more in RTAs.
ZHZombie Hover(ing)


Any%Beat the game
ILIndividual Level (Dungeon) Speedrun
IRCInternet Relay Chat
Low%Beat the game with the fewest items possible
OoBOut of Bounds
RTAReal Time Attack. Like a Single Segment speedrun, except you are allowed to savewarp.
SSSingle Segment
TAS(er)Tool Assisted Speedrun(ner)
TWWThe Wind Waker

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