Triforce Charts & Shards - Locations and Methods

Locations of Triforce Charts & Shards

8 Triforce Charts must be collected and deciphered by Tingle for 398 rupees each. Each of these Triforce Charts must then be used to obtain 8 Triforce Shards.

Chart NumberLocationLeads To
Chart 1Islet of SteelGreatfish Isle
Chart 2Private OasisGale Isle
Chart 3Bird's Peak RockStone Watcher Island
Chart 4Ghost ShipOutset Island
Chart 5Needle Rock Island (English) or Headstone Island (Japanese)Cliff Plateau Isles
Chart 6Outset IslandSouthern Triangle Island
Chart 7Stone Watcher IslandSeven-Star Isles
Chart 8Overlook IslandTwo-Eye Reef

Triforce Charts and Shards

Triforce Chart 5 on Japanese

As mentioned above, Triforce Chart 5 is no longer obtained from the Golden Ship at Needle Rock on Japanese. Instead you pull up Treasure Chart 16, which sends you:

  1. To Shark Island where you get Treasure Chart 28
  2. Then to Needle Rock where you get Treasure Chart 3
  3. Then to Eastern Fairy Island where you get Treasure Chart 40
  4. And finally, to Headstone where you get Triforce Chart 5

Triforce Sets

One of 3 Triforce Sets is chosen at the start of the game, or a 4th Triforce Set if playing New Game+.

Triforce Sets

Chart Set RNG Manipulation

With a hard reset it is possible to consistently get certain chart sets with precise file start timings.

Heart Piece Sets

For 100% speedruns, it is useful to know the sets for the charts leading to heart pieces.

  • Treasure Chart 2 is given to you by Maggie's father after giving him 20 Skull Necklaces.
  • Treasure Chart 4 can be bought at the Rock Spire Masked Beedle Shop for 900 rupees.
  • Treasure Chart 5 is obtained in a chest spawned by breaking the floor panels with Iron Boots in the Wind Temple.
  • Treasure Chart 11 is obtained in a chest accross a gap of lava in Dragon Roost Cavern.
  • Treasure Chart 15 is obtained in a chest in the basement of Forbidden Woods.
  • Treasure Chart 20 is obtained in a chest spawned by defeating floormasters in the Earth Temple.
  • Treasure Chart 23 is obtained by beating the battleship minigame on Windfall Island in under 20 shots.
  • Treasure Chart 30 is obtained in a chest in the first floor of Tower of the Gods.
  • Treasure Chart 31 is given to you by Kamo on Windfall Island after giving him a coloured picture of the full moon.
  • Treasure Chart 33 is given to you by Mineco on Windfall Island after showing her a coloured picture of herself.
  • Treasure Chart 38 is the 60 rupee treasure chart from the Auction House.

Heart Piece Chart Sets

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