As the story progresses, KoRL has new lines of dialogue that are triggered automatically when Link gets close to him. Normally, the first instance of such a text occurs once the sail is obtained during the first trip to Windfall. However, by performing Outset Escape, it is possible to trigger some events out of order, including some events that make KoRL have a new text. If Link didn't buy the sail from Zunari and goes near KoRL while he has a text cued up from these events, KoRL will ask Link the following ad vitam aeternam:

"Did you get a sail? There is no time to lose! You must find one, quickly!"

This results in a softlock.

Since beating FF1 to make KoRL appear is required to avoid a crash in Hyrule 2 (unless the courtyard cutscene is unloaded, see the actor unloading page), skipping the sail can be more tricky than it sounds, eventhough sailing is not technically required to beat this game.

When Skipping Bombs

The first way to skip the sail is to simply not trigger any events that give KoRL a text line. Here are some of these events:

  • Obtaining Din's/Farore's/Nayru's Pearl
  • Going to Greatfish to actvate Endless Night
  • Obtaining bombs

The first three dungeons can be skipped thanks to the Early Master Sword sequence break. Skipping the bombs entails unloading the Hyrule Barrier.

When Getting Bombs

To avoid the softlock despite obtaining bombs, bombs must be obtained AFTER beating the Forsaken Fortress 1. If they are obtained before that, the softlock will happen right after the FF1 cutscene. The most troublesome part about avoiding the softlock when getting bombs happens right as you're obtaining the bombs in the pirate ship.

Method 1: Fixing the Savewarp Flags

Discovered by LegendOfLinkk

After beating FF1, the savewarp location is set to the beach on Windfall Island. One way of avoiding the softlock is to void-out somewhere in the ocean in order to spawn in KoRL, triggering the last savewarp flag. Now, if you savewarp to leave the pirate ship after getting bombs, you will spawn back on the docks on Windfall instead of on the shore, which is far enough away from KoRL to avoid the softlock. Spawning on the shore instead would have triggered the softlock. Fixing Savewarp Flags is generally done during the Greatfish Cutscene Skip trick.

Method 2: Leaving the Pirate Ship normally with Spoils Bag

If you did obtain the Spoils Bag, leaving the pirate ship after getting bombs makes Link spawn at Windfall where the pirate ship is supposed to be during endless night, which avoids the softlock. If you don't obtain the Spoils Bag, leaving the pirate ship will put you on the "leaving Outset" map, and since savewarping would trigger the softlock there are no ways out.

Note: To obtain the Spoils Bag after performing Outset Escape, you need to enter the pirate ship during the day while not having triggered the gossip stone text in FF1, since that text makes the pirate ship interior have rope game 2 instead of rope game 1.

Avoiding the softlock in Hyrule 2

During an any% run that implements sail skip, when entering Hyrule KoRL will softlock you in the infinite chain of text if you get close to him. However, it is possible to escape or avoid it all together. He oscillates up and down, and it seems to have some effect on how quickly he will trigger and talk to you. If you wait for him to be at the bottom of the cycle, it is extremely easy to just hold up and walk away from him before the text starts. The further up he is, the tighter it gets but a timed sidehop should still work. If he is all the way at the top the window is extremely small and you will most likely get caught. However, if you wait again for the bottom of the cycle to end the text, you once again are given a small window to either walk backwards or backflip out the trigger before the text starts up again.

You can still softlock in Hyrule if you go closer to KoRL.


  • KoRL gets a new text once you've watched the Tetra to Zelda Transformation Cutscene in Hyrule 2. If you don't have a sail, you will not be able to leave Hyrule 2 due to this softlock. That is why buying the sail is generally required for categories that need to leave Hyrule.
  • If you void-out anywhere in the ocean to spawn in KoRL while you have text cued up but didn't buy the sail, then you will not softlock as the softlock only occurs when you are next to KoRL and not in him. This is because KoRL cannot give the "did you buy the sail yet" text while you are in him. This can be useful to avoid some softlocks and clear some cued textboxes early. This is however not useful to avoid the softlock right after getting bombs, one of the methods above is still needed.
  • Having the sail in your inventory is not what avoids the softlock, it is buying the sail from Zunari specifically that does.
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