Any% no MSS


  • Sidehop off tower
  • Roll to grandma's house, climb ladder, Hero's Clothes, Savewarp
  • Climb Ladder, Aryll Cutscene, Telescope, zoom in on mailbox/Quill
  • Cutscene, Sidehop off tower, roll to Orca's House
  • Sword training
    • Hold back on analog stick right before third hit and hold forward right before fourth sword hits of first two techniques
    • Quickspins for spin attack
    • Quick Parry (Activate the Parry the first two frames you can activate it, next one should appear early)
  • Sword, Savewarp
  • Roll up to FoF (Forest of Fairies)
  • Red rupee quickspin in log, sidehop to lure bokoblin (20 Rupees)
  • Bokoblin fight (3 sword hits each, then quickspin), get rupees in grass while bokoblins are dying (20+ Rupees)
  • Cutscenes
  • Roll to grandmas house, jumpslash over fence
  • Climb ladder, backflip down, Hero's Shield, exit house
  • Roll to Tetra and talk, cutscenes
  • Enter inside of ship, talk to Niko, Rope game, Spoils Bag, Savewarp

Forsaken Fortress

  • Climb Ladder, Cutscenes
  • Watch Gossip Stone Cutscene
  • 2 Red rupees (If fast enough do early light cycle) (60+ Rupees)
  • Navigate up stairs, Window Jump, avoid Gossip Stone text
  • Lure bokoblin to slash pot, take stick and quickspin bokoblin off of ledge to kill
  • Use stick to jumpslash into window, naviagte through rooms/corridors
  • Double moblin room, roof moblin
  • Quick sidling
  • Open door, cutscenes
  • Flower rupees, rupee in pot under staircase
  • Rupee under staircase again, rupee near Lenzo's door, buy the sail


  • Sail to DRI
    • Wind Waker
  • Do one of the following routes

Outset Pirate Ship (Faster)

  • Double Storage Superswim to Crescent Moon Island
    • Chest Storage
    • Air refills against Windfall
  • Superswim to Outset Pirate Ship
    • Climb visible ship with chest storage
    • Bombs
    • Savewarp (to Windfall)

Endless Night (Slower)

  • Superswim to Windfall Island, drown against it
    • Get Double Storage
    • Greatfish Cutscene Skip
    • Sail back to Windfall
    • Password Skip
    • Bombs
    • Savewarp (to Windfall)

Leaf and Quiver

  • Routes merge here
  • Double Storage Superswim to Forest Haven
    • Bomb Ledge clip
    • Take damage from octorok
    • Deku Tree Cutscene Skip
    • Hover to Deku Leaf inside (if too difficult, do chest storage leaf early with boating course raft chest or free tingle and use the tuner hover outside)
  • Double Storage Superswim to 5 Star Island raft
    • Get Chest Storage
  • Superswim to Thorned Fairy Island
    • Early Quiver with Chest Storage
    • Escape Thorned Fairy
    • Peg Storage
  • Superswim to Private Oasis
    • Get Double Storage, get chest storage
    • Air refill against reefs
  • Superswim to FF2
    • Chest Storage Route up FF2
    • Helmaroc Skip (roll clip or take damage to 1.5 hearts against spikes)

Hyrule 2 and Ganon's Tower

  • Enter Hyrule 2
  • Barrier Skip with Bomb Push
  • Enter Ganon's Tower
  • Refill on magic
  • Trials Skip
  • Light Arrows (take damage before chest appears)
  • Grand Staircase (pick one heart from a darknut heart if you have 1.25 health)
  • Puppet Ganon
    • Take damage during the fight to end with 1/4 health
  • Climb the red rope
  • Grappling Hook Skip crawl clip
  • Shoot morth into pot lid with fire arrow (36% chance)
  • Morth Hover with Bombs
  • Ganondorf
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