Any% No MSS

Click here for an image of the Great Sea Chart with quadrant names and notation if you are not familiar with the map.

- Quadrant Call-out
- Equip Item


  • Sidehop off tower
  • Roll to grandma's house, climb ladder, Hero's Clothes, Savewarp
  • Climb Ladder, Aryll Cutscene, [Telescope], zoom in on mailbox/Quill
  • Cutscene, Sidehop off tower, roll to Orca's House
  • Sword training
    • Hold back on analog stick right before third hit and hold forward right before fourth sword hits of first two techniques
    • Quickspins for spin attack
    • Quick Parry (Activate the Parry the first two frames you can activate it, next one should appear early)
  • Sword, Savewarp
  • Roll up to FoF (Forest of Fairies)
  • Red rupee quickspin in log, sidehop to lure bokoblin (20 Rupees)
  • Bokoblin fight (3 sword hits each, then quickspin), get rupees in grass while bokoblins are dying (20+ Rupees)
  • Cutscenes
  • Roll to grandmas house, jumpslash over fence
  • Climb ladder, backflip down, Hero's Shield, exit house
  • Roll to Tetra and talk, cutscenes
  • Enter inside of ship, talk to Niko, Rope game, Spoils Bag, Savewarp

Forsaken Fortress

  • Climb Ladder, Cutscenes
  • Watch Gossip Stone Cutscene
  • 2 Red rupees (If fast enough do early light cycle) (60+ Rupees)
  • Navigate up stairs, Window Jump, avoid Gossip Stone text
  • Lure bokoblin to slash pot, take stick and quickspin bokoblin off of ledge to kill
  • Use stick to jumpslash into window, naviagte through rooms/corridors
  • Double moblin room, roof moblin
  • Quick sidling
  • Open door, cutscenes
  • Flower rupees, rupee in pot under staircase
  • Rupee under staircase again, rupee near Lenzo's door, buy the sail
    • [Sail]


  • Sail to DRI
    • Wind Waker
      • [Wind Waker]
  • Do one of the following routes
    • If you reloaded the ocean at all since finishing FF1, the pirate ship will no longer be at Outset and you have to do Endless Night. This means that after spawning at Windfall, you SHOULD NOT enter a loading zone, drown, void-out, or savewarp.

Outset Pirate Ship (Faster)

  • Double Storage Superswim to Crescent Moon Island [F2 to E1]
  • Chest Storage
  • Air refill at Pawprint platform or at Six-Eye Reef [E1 to E2 or D4]
  • Superswim to Outset Pirate Ship (if the pirate ship is not there, that means you reloaded the ocean and you must do the slower route instead) [E2 or D4 to B7]
  • Climb visible ship with chest storage
  • Bombs
    • [Wind Waker, Bombs]
  • Savewarp (to Windfall)

Endless Night (Slower, use as a backup only)


  • Routes merge here
  • Do one of the following routes, ordered from fastest to slowest

Door Cancel Outside

Inside Hover



Hyrule 2 and Ganon's Tower

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