Low% [OLD]

NOTE: This page is kept for legacy purposes, being the route before Barrier Skip. Please refer to the other Low% route for the current RTA viable route.

Low% means finishing the game with as few items as possible. Or, in other words, skipping as many items as you can. This means that you sometimes have to go out of your way in order to skip one item. Naturally, that is slower and thus, low% takes longer than any% (which means beat the game as fast as possible, no restrictions).

The Italian version is optimal because this skips 4 Treasure Charts, which would be forced to be obtained on the Japanese version (as part of a Triforce Chart sidequest). Italian also has faster text than English.

Items skipped: (in the chronological order that they are skipped)

  • Bottle
  • Boomerang
  • Delivery Bag
  • Ballad of Gales
  • Skull Hammer
  • Cabana Deed
  • Bait Bag
  • 5K Rupee Wallet
  • Magic Armor
  • Pictobox
  • Treasure Charts #1 through #49


  • Roll to Grandma's house, talk, then save warp to Aryll
  • Obtain Telescope
  • Get Sword
  • Save warp

Forest of Fairies

  • Collect 20 rupees in log
  • Fight Bokoblins
  • Collect at least one green rupee in grass (optimal: 3+)


  • Get Shield
  • Leave Outset

Forsaken Fortress 1

  • Collect 2x20 rupees at searchlights
  • Collect at least two green rupees at searchlights
  • Window Jump
  • Kill Bokoblin
  • Finish Forsaken Fortress with Moblin Skips


  • Buy Sail for 80 rupees
  • Sail East to Dragon Roost Island
  • Get 80 Rupees from Water Barrel Game
  • Obtain Wind Waker
  • Get Text Storage with KorL and do Zephos Skip

Bombs Early

  • Get Storage and Superswim to N.Triangle Isle and from there to Greatfish
  • Savewarp (to remove the fadeout)
  • Superswim to Windfall with Double Storage
  • Save Tingle when you are at Windfall
  • Enter Pirate Ship on Windfall with a Roll Clip, do the rope game and obtain Bombs.
  • Get Double Storage, Superswim to Forest Haven

Forest Haven

  • Take damage from the Chus, talk to Deku Tree
  • Zombie Hover outside of Forest Haven up to the highest platform, sidehop into the bulb, get Deku Leaf
  • Enter Forbidden Woods with a Tingle Balloon (Set Wind West)

Fobidden Woods

  • Get Chest Storage in 3-Boko-Baba room
  • Kill Kalle-Demos with 4 bombs
  • Leave Forest Haven without save warping

Forest Haven/Great Sea

  • Take damage at Octorok, then enter Beedle
  • Get Double Storage, superswim to Outset, stopping at S. Fairy on the way
  • Superswim to the vortex behind Outset, set wind South, get Nayru's Pearl
  • Superswim to S. Triangle, place pearl
  • Superswim to E. Triangle, place pearl
  • Superswim back to Dragon Roost Isle
  • Take damage for upcoming hover at Zephos Stone
  • Delivery Bag Skip
  • Leaf over both gaps before DRC, enter DRC

Dragon Roost Cavern

  • Get 50 rupees with Tingle
  • Zombie hover to platform next to lava geyser
  • Proceed backwards through DRC to Grappling Hook
  • Get bombs from Moblin's sphere (important)
  • Finish the dungeon in the regular Tuner Route
  • Use Leaf instead of Grapple in the boss door room

Dragon Roost/Great Sea

  • Superswim to N.Triangle Isle (Tower of the Gods cutscene starts)
  • Set Wind West, Enter ToTG

Tower of the Gods

  • Do the normal any% route except with Tingle Balloon strats Have full magic before leaving ToG!
  • Enter Hyrule 1

Hyrule 1

  • Hyrule Puzzle Skip
  • Get Master Sword
  • Skip Hyrule 1 fight (Ledge Clip and leaf)
  • Savewarp out
  • Leave Hyrule 1

Great Sea

  • Sail to Northern Triangle Island
  • Get Storage and super swim to Northern Fairy Island

Northern Fairy Island)

  • Get 1k Rupee Wallet
  • Stop at the Tower before Forsaken Fortress (center of 1 quadrant right of FF), get chest storage (with bombs).

Forsaken Fortress 2

  • Enter Forsaken Fortress with the Chest Storage
  • Skip Phantom Ganon trigger by walking around it
  • Walk up the walls (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWCuS706q3s&feature=plcp)
  • Skip Helmaroc with Short Hover/Long Hover/Roll Clip

Hyrule 2

  • Proceed as usual

Great Sea

  • Sail northwest to Northern Triangle Island

Northern Triangle Island/Mother and Child

  • Get storage, super swim INTO Mother & Child Isle (alternatives: Bomb Dive or Zombie Hover)
  • Obtain Fire and Ice Arrows
  • Get out by performing a Ledge Clip (or Bomb Roll Clip?)

Mother and Child Isle

  • Get Storage, super swim to Windfall
  • Get Double Storage with Door Cancel (use KorL textboxes)
  • Superswim to Private Oasis with Door Cancel (cabana deed skip)

Private Oasis

  • Collect rupees in pots inside Private Oasis
  • Do Cabana Maze (clip through Double Hammer Room with sidling)
  • Obtain Triforce Chart #2
  • Save Warp
  • Get Storage, Superswim to Fire Mountain (die or drown by it, and you will spawn right in front of it)

Fire Mountain

  • Get Power Bracelets (Set Wind South)
  • Save Warp out
  • Get Storage, Superswim to Ice Ring Isle and climb island to spawn by it (pit stop at Private Oasis if needed)

Ice Ring Isle

  • Get Iron Boots
  • Save Warp out
  • Get Storage, Superswim to Headstone Island

Headstone Island

  • Get Earth God's Lyric
  • Get Storage, Superswim to Bird's Peak Rock

Bird's Peak Rock

  • Get Triforce Chart #3
  • Get Storage, Superswim to Dragon Roost Island (drown in quadrant if needed)

Dragon Roost Island

  • Get Storage, climb up to Medli with 200 Rupee chest
  • Play Earth God's Lyric for Medli
  • Get Storage, Superswim to Windfall
  • Get Double Storage with Door Cancel (use Medli text on Boat, NOT KoRL)
  • Superswim to Gale Isle
  • Enter Gale Isle with Door Cancel
  • Obtain Wind's God Aria
  • Sail back to Windfall
  • Get Storage, Superswim to Headstone (Earth Temple)

Earth Temple

  • Farm Magic, do Early Mirror Shield (with Zombie Hover)
  • Get Mirror Shield
  • Normal Any% Route for the rest of the dungeon (farm magic as you don't have Soup)


  • Get Storage, Superswim to Forest Haven
  • Play Wind God's Aria for Makar
  • Superswim to Gale Isle (with pit stops at E.Triangle Isle & E.Fairy Isle)

Wind Temple

  • Normal Any% Route up to Hookshot
  • In the mini boss room, Save Warp or do Roll Clip to get out
  • Proceed with Any% Chest Storage route

Gale Island

  • Sail South to Windfall Island

Windfall Island

  • Get storage, Superswim to Outset


  • Do Savage Labyrinth, collect all rupees possible in Pots (most likely 1000 rupees when done) (watch with the floor skips, we have no Soup!)

Great Sea

  • Sail to Diamond Steppe
  • Obtain Ghost Ship Chart
  • Superswim to Islet of Steel, Obtain Triforce Chart #1
  • Sail to Stonewatcher, get Storage, Superswim to Tingle Isle (Trip 1)
  • Decipher Charts
  • Sail to Greatfish, obtain Triforce Shard #1 (wait until it turns night before entering Greatfish)
  • Get Storage, Superswim to Ghost Ship (Spectacle Isle)
  • Farm Ghost Ship for 800 Rupees (Obtain Triforce Chart #4)
  • Sail to Tingle Isle, Decipher Charts (Trip 2)


  • Sail to Stonewatcher, obtain the Triforce Shard #7
  • Complete Stonewatcher, (farm Big Pillar until 800 rupees), obtain Triforce Chart #7
  • Save Warp out

Great Sea

  • Get Storage, Superswim to Tingle Isle, decipher Charts (Trip 3)
  • Get Storage, Superswim to Gale Isle, save warp to Spawn KorL (set wind to Northeast), obtain Triforce Shard #2
  • Sail to Seven-Star Isle, obtain Triforce Shard #7
  • Sail to Overlook


  • Complete Overlook, Obtain Chart (farm Big Pillar until 800 Rupees)
  • Go out, attempt 1 try storage, otherwise sail to DRI

Great Sea

  • Superswim to S.Triangle Isle, get Triforce Shard #6
  • Get Storage, superswim to Needle Rock, Save Warp, sail to Golden Ship, obtain Triforce Chart #5
  • Sail to Greatfish (get Storage), Superswim to Tingle Isle
  • Decipher last 2 Charts (Trip 4)
  • Get Storage, Superswim to Outset
  • Save Warp, get on KorL, get Triforce Shard #4
  • Sail to 2 Eye Reef, get Triforce Shard #8
  • Sail to Ice Ring, get Storage, Superswim to Cliff Plateau
  • Save Warp, get on KorL, get Triforce Shard #5
  • Sail to Bird's Peak Rock, get Storage, Superswim to Tower of the Gods
  • Hyrule 3 Cutscene

Hyrule 3/Ganon's Tower

  • Proceed as normal (get full magic before Trials Skip since you don't have Soup)
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