All Dungeons (JP, Tuner)

Click here for an image of the Great Sea Chart with quadrant names and notation if you are not familiar with the map.

  • Manual Superswim to DRI [B7 to F2]

    To start, sidehop off the lookout tower onto the dock. Roll and then jump into the water at the cliff between the eastern wooden dock and the beach. There is collision under the water here that allows you to refill your air when you swim next to the cliff. Pull down the freecam and begin performing a manual superswim. Pause, hold down on the control stick, unpause and then repause again after only 1 frame of gameplay (we call this "frame perfect pause buffering"). Then hold up, frame perfect pause buffer, hold down, frame perfect pause buffer, etc. Every frame that Link turns around he gains -3 units of speed. Keep repeating this until you get at least -500 speed (so without any mistakes that would be 167 frame perfect pauses). Once you've achieved a high enough speed, and after the next frame perfect pause buffer where you hold up, hold L and ESS up (that is: up only high enough as to be above the control stick deadzone) and perform another frame perfect pause buffer. Keep holding ESS up and then unpause. Link will now sweep past the camera. Once you see Link again, hold fully up on the control stick to begin the upcharge (where all you have to do to charge more speed is hold up). Once you've built up about -1800 speed, pause buffer and adjust Link so that he lines up with the air refill spot from the start. Swim into that air refill spot by aiming at it and holding ESS down to preserve swim speed. Once Link hits the spot and gets an air refill, keep holding ESS down and turn the camera to turn Link left and make your way to Dragon Roost Island, being sure to avoid colliding with any islands along the way until you hit the Wind Waker cutscene.

    • Wind Waker

      Mash through the cutscene text and play the Wind Waker example songs.

    • Learn Wind's Requiem (watch Zephos Cutscene)

      Equip the Wind Waker and then roll through the tunnel to the Wind's Requiem stone on the eastern side of Dragon Roost Island.

Forsaken Fortress 1

  • Superswim to Northern Fairy Island Submarine [F2 to C1]

    Sidehop and take out the Wind Waker to put it in Link's hand. Go to the southern ledge of the small island and hang off the ledge so that when Link climbs up, he's directly in front of the pillar on either side of the stairs. Climb back up and pull out the Wind Waker as soon as possible to cause a Wind Waker dive. Then, cancel the Wind Waker 3 frames before you hit the ground to cause storage. If you timed it correctly, Link will still be holding out the Wind Waker while you have control of the camera. Cancel the Wind Waker again, and then immediately pull it out again to cause Camera Lock. Maneavuer into the water just off the shore on the side where you got storage and begin to charge a superswim. Make sure that you're close enough to the shore to get air refills for at least a few seconds. Once you've gotten air for a few seconds, buffer your swim to the southern side of DRI and then continue charging from there. You'll want to do this to get a clear westward path to the Northern Fairy Isle Submarine. The submarine is 3 quadrants west and 1 quadrant north of DRI. Once you've built up enough speed, release your superswim in a west and slightly northward direction. Unlike the Manual Superswim, for Camera Lock Superswims you'll want to hold L and ESS Down to preserve speed (MSS only needs ESS Down). Make sure you avoid getting too close to Windfall Island, otherwise you might risk having the great sea reload and getting rid of your Camera Lock. Once you make it to Northern Fairy Island, the submarine is located northwest of the main island. Pull out the Wind Waker after landing on it to cancel the Camera Lock and then head inside the submarine.

    • Get caught

      Jump or sidehop down into the main hull of the submarine. Get close to a moblin as fast as you can to get captured. Since Link doesn't have a sword, lantern moblins are programmed to catch him and throw him into the Forsaken Fortress 1 (FF1) jail cell, regardless of where they catch him.

    • Leave jail

      Hold down before loading into the jail cell to make Link get up faster. Then climb onto the table, jump to the top of the shelf, and crawl through the crawlspace to get out. Roll through the hallway and swing on the rope to cross the gap. Head through the left door outside.

    • Defeat searchlight bokoblin
    • Store gossip stone cutscene
    • Courtyard red rupees
    • Chest storage route (60 rupees)
    • Roof Moblin, Quick Sidling
    • Beat FF1


  • Spawn at Windfall
    • Flower rupees
    • Pot under ramp
    • Pot on ledge
    • Sploosh yellow rupees (alternatively get the 3 RNG pots near bomb shop after sail)
    • Pot near Lenzo door
    • RNG pot near Zunari
    • Buy Sail
    • Store Sail text
    • Get double storage
  • Superswim to Greatfish [D2 to B4]
  • Sail back to Windfall
    • Flower rupees again
    • Pot under ramp again
    • Free Tingle, rupee under bed
    • Get pictobox and pot yellow rupee
    • Savewarp
    • Pot under ramp again, grave flowers if lower than 60 rupees
    • Password Skip
    • Bombs
    • Savewarp

Forest Haven

Skip the next steps if you can open the portal in Ganon's Tower without the boomerang:

Routes merge here:

Dragon Roost Island


  • Double Storage Superswim to Outset (air refill off SIx-Eye [D4], tingle balloon off Eastern Fairy [E3], or shore for striaght shot) [F2 to B7]
    • Drown in whirlpool
    • Nayru's Pearl
  • Superswim to STI [B7 to D5]
    • place pearl
  • Superswim to NTI [D5 to D3]
    • place pearl

Tower of the Gods, Hyrule 1

Earth Temple

Wind Temple


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