Jump Storages

Spring Jump Storage

Discovered by gymnast86

Japanese Version

It is possible to store the jump you get from Spring platforms to use it somewhere else. This glitch differs slightly between the japanese and the US/PAL versions of the game, as the springs have been slightly changed.

On the japanese version: first you need to stand at very edge of the Spring Platform. Pull out the bow/grapple/hookshot in a specific way in order to not have the Spring in camera view. Equip Iron Boots and use them to activate the spring. Then equip anything over the Iron Boots to force unequip them. You will hear the sound of the jump, but Link won't jump. This is because the spring isn't in camera view, and so it is unloaded. Then press A then L in a very quick succession to exit first person then immediately sidehop, making sure you don't see the spring. Then move somewhere else in the room. When you want to get the jump, simply move the camera towards the spring platform, and you will get the jump as soon as the spring loads.

Video Tutorial

US and PAL versions

On the US and PAL versions the spring will go up much quicker and so the previous method won't work. It is still possible however using the hookshot and hookshotting away to leave the spring. A well-timed bomb boost to leave the spring also works.

Warp Pot Jump Storage

It is possible to store the jump you get from warp pots to used somewhere else. This only works if no other warp pot other than the one you're using are activated. Go above the warp pot, and before falling completely inside it leaf away. As soon as you land you will get the jump.

Currently, there is no known use for this trick, the jump doesn't give a lot of height.

Note: Contrarely to what the name of these tricks suggest, they absolutely don't require storage to work.

Last updated 03/15/2023 – EJ125