Of all the items in The Wind Waker, one of the most useful is bombs. Bombs can be obtained in any pirate ship as long as you triggered the gossip stone text in Forsaken Fortress 1, because that text is the trigger for the pirate ship to have rope game 2 instead of rope game 1.

Greatfish Early

Discovered by AniMeowzerz(?)


With storage and camera lock, it is possible to superswim to Greatfish Island directly after receiving the Wind Waker. However, due to the nature of camera lock, it must be deactivated before entering the cutscene for Greatfish, or else the game will softlock. Camera lock will have to be deactivated by gaining enough speed from the superswim to get onto the island and pull out the Wind Waker before the cutscene starts.

Discovered by TrogWW

If you performed Outset Escape to obtain the Wind Waker Early, it is possible to superswim to Greatfish before beating FF1. By simply drowning in the Greatfish quadrant outside of the cutscene trigger you will respawn in the quadrant without camera lock. From there you can simply swim into the cutscene. Note that this is ONLY possible before beating FF1 for the first time.

Note: If you superswim to Greatfish and activate endless night before obtaining the sail, you become forced to obtain Nayru's Pearl without KoRL in order to still be able to beat the game.

Salvage Cruising

By using Salvage Cruising and then waiting on the reward textbox for a long time, you can reach Greatfish Early.

Cross-Island Hovering

It is also possible to go to Greatfish early via performing a cross-island zombie hover. This is however really slow. Though the level of risk greatly increases, a direct hover from Windfall to Greatfish Isle is possible. To properly setup for this hover, get to the left of the bomb house, and align Link with Tingle Island using the telescope. Using a tingle bomb to begin the hover is recommended as the change in your angle after getting hit by an angry pig is less predictable. Place the tingle cursor as directly in front of you as possible and start your hover. The bomb will normally knock you so that you're facing more right of tingle island than originally positioned. However, by aligning as instructed above, you will still hit the cutscene trigger if you hover long enough. Once you hit the cutscene trigger and wait through the cutscene you will resume Link's death animation. When you resume playing, Link will have death warped back to Windfall with Tetra's Pirate Ship at the island. From here, you are free to obtain the bombs.

Greatfish Cutscene Skip

Get double storage. Superswim to Greatfish Island and drown. By activating the cutscene with storage while you're in a drowning state endless night will activate, which is necessary for both the pirate ship to appear on windfall and Nayru's Pearl to be obtainable, and it skips the cutscene.

This trick should not be used if you have to salvage the triforce piece on Greatfish Island, or if you need to go back to Greatfish in any other way. This is because going back to Greatfish will cause an unavoidable softlock.

Outset Pirate Ship

Discovered by TrogWW

After beating the Forsaken Fortress 1, the game is put into a special layer (layer 0 or 8). On that layer, the pirate ship is on Outset (either visible or invisible). Get Chest Storage and then superswim to Outset. With chest storage, you can climb the pirate ship and enter to get the bombs early. Make sure to NOT reload the overworld at any point between beating FF1 and entering the pirate ship, or else the pirate ship won't be there.

Note: To make the pirate ship visible, you either need to watch the cutscene of the pirates coming to Outset, or you need to save Tetra in the forest.

Forsaken Fortress 1 Pirate Ship

As long as you've picked up the gossip stone in FF1, no matter the pirate ship you enter, it will have bombs. As such, if you obtained the Wind Waker early, it is possible to get bombs in FF1. There are several ways to do that.


If you skip the Barrel Launching Cutscene, you also skip triggering a savewarp flag. After skipping the cutscene, you only need to pick up the gossip stone and savewarp to be put back on the FF1 pirate ship.

Door Teleport

On the pirate ship after obtaining the Spoils Bag, store the door and then watch the barrel launching cutscene. Get the gossip stone to progress the state of the pirate ship. Then open any small door in the fortress to teleport inside the pirate ship. You can then get bombs. Compared to the method above, this triggers the savewarp flag during the Barrel Launching cutscene.

Earth Temple Trial Bomb Drop

Discovered by MrAlberto

Normally, bomb drops cannot appear before you have the Bombs item, and every bomb drop will be replaced by a green rupee. There are bomb drops in the coffins of the Earth Temple Trial in Ganon's Tower that will always be bomb drops even if you don't have the Bombs. Picking up that bomb drop will give you the bombs. You will however have a max capacity of 0 bomb since this doesn't give you a bomb bag. Obtaining the Bombs from the Pirate Ship or a Bomb Bag Upgrade Early will fix this. You can also use Bombs even without a Bomb Bag using the Item Swapping glitch.

There are no bomb drops like this anywhere else in the game.

Windfall Bomb Shop

If Nayru's Pearl is obtained without Bombs (by using Actor Unloading), it becomes possible to buy bombs at the Windfall Bomb Shop. This gives you the bombs in your inventory, but not a bomb bag. This means you will have a max capacity of 0 bomb. Obtaining the Bombs from the Pirate Ship or a Bomb Bag Upgrade Early will fix this. You can also use Bombs even without a Bomb Bag using the Item Swapping glitch.

Because the door to the bomb shop stays locked if you did not watch the Password Cutscene, you must enter the Bomb Shop from the back. After Nayru's Pearl, this will start a broken cutscene after the crawlspace. If you jump down to the shop you will softlock, so instead leave the shop through the crawlspace and re-enter. You can now buy bombs.

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