Item Swapping


It is possible to interrupt inputs by pausing immediately after attempting to use an item and overwriting it with a different item. This can be used to pull out items indoors that are otherwise not allowed, and also allows for a number of helpful tricks with potions.

Elixir Soup Glitch

Infinite Elixir Soup Uses

Equip elixir soup to one of the three item select buttons. Press the button you have equipped the elixir soup to and the pause button on the same frame. Equip another item over the elixir soup and unpause. If done correctly Link should resume his drinking animation and your elixir soup amount will not decrease.

Note: Although this trick is commonly referred to as "Elixir Soup Glitch" it will work with any potion, fairies or forest water. It also works with all-purpose bait, as well as hyoi pears (useful for bait duping).

Duping Elixir Soup into Empty Bottles

Very similar to infinite elixir soup uses; instead of equipping any item over the elixir soup, equip an empty bottle. After Link finishes his animation the previously empty bottle should now be half-full with elixir soup.

Duping over Forest Water

This glitch allows you to do the withered trees sidequest in several segments instead of being restricted by the 20 minutes timer. To do it, water all the trees that you want and then dupe anything over your bottle that has forest water (for exemple, use soup and swap the forest water bottle over the one with soup). This will cause the tree to stay watered forever, unless you re-enter the quadrant where you watered the tree after the 20 minutes have passed. Getting forest water again will put the timer at 20 minutes again, and you won't have to water again the trees you've already watered.

Infinite Bombs

Equip the Tingle Tuner to one of the three item select buttons. Press the button you have equipped the Tingle Tuner to immediately followed by the pause button. Equip the bombs over the Tingle Tuner and unpause. Link should pull a bomb out and the Tingle Tuner text will appear. Though this trick can be used to use bombs indoors, if it is used while the bomb count is at 0, Link will still be able to pull out bombs.

Last updated 05/26/2023 – EJ125