Earth God's Lyric

Note: Learning the Earth God's Lyric before beating the Forsaken Fortress 2 will crash the game due to wrong animation sets. See here for more info.

It is posible to enter Headstone and learn the Earth God's Lyric without the Power Bracelets. This can be useful for routing purposes.

Method 1 - Grab Roll Clip

First, you will want to get on top of the east side of the island using either a bomb boost or a ledge grab out of the leaf. Once up there, go to the corner. In that corner, you can roll clip to go OoB and from there enter the loading zone using the leaf.

This also works on this other corner:

Method 2 - Chest Storage

With Deku Leaf

If you have chest storage, you can easily clip through the corner left of the headstone and leaf to the loading zone from there.

Without Deku Leaf

Method 3 - Bomb Push Clip

It is possible to use a bomb push clip to get into Headstone Island early. The setup is the following :

  • Jumpslash up the ledge near the wall (consistent position)
  • Perform a targetted slash and hold shield
  • Sidehop left. Your position should be X = -80421.6015625 and Z = 320278.4375.
  • Get an angle between 41440 and 41455
  • Pull bomb and press B on animation frame 35.

You can then leaf into the loading zone.

Important Note

If you don't break the Headstone preventing you access to the Earth Temple, the cutscene of you and Medli entering Headstone together will softlock, due to Link not being able to reach the position in which the game is supposed to start the loading of the next area. This can be avoided by skipping the cutscene with Storage, or by superswimming to Headstone with Double Storage (same thing).

Last updated 04/02/2024 – azer67