Dragon Roost Island (F2)

Skip the Rocks

Discovered by YautjaElder

Use a jumpslash to get on top of the boulder next to the two stacked blocks. Position yourself at a slight angle with the wall and roll. If you angled yourself correctly, just as you reach the lower part of the boulder you should jump and grab the edge.

You can also proceed by skipping the 2nd rock by rolling around it. This is usually slower than bombing the rock in full game routes however, due to having to come back to DRI at least one other time.

Here is a slower but safer setup:

After climbing up, hold the right notch and roll at the correct time to get past the blocks.

Zephos Skip

It is possible to learn the Wind's Requiem while also skipping the encounter with Zephos.

Using Text

You can skip the Zephos cutscene using KoRL's text. First, get storage and store KoRL's text. Then roll over to the Wind shrine. Pull out the wind waker to make the text appear on screen, and proceed through it until the last textbox comes up. Close the textbox at the same time you check Cyclone's stone, which is the stone on the right (use the same A input). This will turn Link invisible. Then go over to the stone on the left and pull out the wind waker. Play the Wind's Requiem like the game prompts you to do. You will learn the song but the Zephos cutscene won't play.

Note: If you store the wrong stone, you will be locked out of getting the Wind's Requiem. This permanently screws up your savefile.

Using the Sail or any Letter

Discovered by TrogWW

This is a more complex way to skip Zephos that doesn't require KoRL, which is useful if you performed Outset Escape for exemple.

Get Storage and store the stone on the right. Pull out the Wind Waker and close it before the text fully appears on screen. Then pull out the sail (or any letter) and close the textbox as Link is pulling the item out. Now, go over to the stone on the left and pull out the Wind Waker to learn the song.

Quill Text Skip

Interacting with Quill while you have Text Cancel shortens the cutscene by 7 seconds.

Skip the Delivery Bag Cutscene

See the Delivery Bag Skip page.

Skip the Fountain

See the Bottle Skip page.

Skip Knocking Down the Second Statue

Jumpslash Method

Damage Boost Method

Pot Jump Method

Get to Medli faster with Chest Storage

It is possible to get to Medli without having to enter the Rito Village thanks to chest storage. Get chest storage, stand in a precise position and use the terihook to land on the wall. You can stand on that wall thanks to the altered collision of chest storage. Landing on the wall is also much easier with the deku leaf. This trick is very useful in any% speedruns where the Delivery Bag is usually skipped, which means entering the DRI normally would crash the game.

Early Secret Cave

The DRI secret cave only contains 50 rupees, thus this isn't useful for speedrunning. You can enter this cave early thanks to good sidehopping with the bomb flower nearest to the mailbox.

Skip all the fights in the Secret Cave

The DRI secret cave is a fight cave, just like Overlook and Stonewatcher, except that the rooms are separated by loading zones. The fights can all be skipped by shooting a fire arrow on the torches above every door. Once all the torches have been lit, the door to the treasure chest will unlock. Unfortunately, this doesn't work in Overlook and Stonewatcher.

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