Wind Waker

The Wind Waker is the most broken item in Wind Waker, since it is vital to perform the storage glitch. It turns out it is possible to obtain it early while skipping the entire intro.


By manually superswimming, you can build enough speed in order to superswim to DRI from Outset. This skips the prologue completely, and is commonly referred to as Outset Escape.

A TAS can perform such a superswim without buffering, but not so much a human. Here are some tips by the runner Demon in order to get this superswim working:

  1. Set the camera in freecam behind link to make getting air refills way easier. If you're in normal target cam link will eventually start to turn around in random directions when you reach higher speeds which makes it way harder to find the spot for air refills, so just keep it in freecam.

  2. When pause buffering the swims, use the small R button in the bottom right to see when you should pause. You usually get in a rhythm but it's good to use. (This might not work if you use a CRT because of not as much delay, so in that case you need your own visual cue)

  3. When you have enough speed (or think so, this is something you have to practice and get used to), get one last air refill and buffer away from the island a bit to not sploosh later. Important to think about is holding the ESS position (slight direction on the controllstick instead of full) so you don't lose all your speed right away. Also the reason for wanting to get one last air refill is because it makes it more likely that link will auto-charge.

  4. When far out enough, buffer one down input so you're going towards the island. Buffer another one but also add L to get into target cam again. It's important here to be careful because if you do it wrong with the directions you will instantly kill your speed. You do this to be able to auto-charge, if you're in freecam you can't. Continue to buffer a few buffers to stabilize link. (Maybe not needed.

  5. Hold up. If you hopefully have enough speed Link will eventually stabilize and start gaining speed a lot faster. Now get enough speed and air and then off to DRI. (Link will move around here in confusing ways so make sure you make it to the air spot)

Cross Island Hovering

Once you've obtained the sword from Orca, you can perform a several hours long hover to reach Dragon Roost Early. This is absoleted in low% by the trick above, which skips more items.

Last updated 12/01/2018 – azer67