This is the optimal route of the any%, which obtains the Deku Leaf before Bombs, using the Door Cancel glitch, as well as using it again later to enter Forsaken Fortress 2. Sail skip is optional, however obtaining the sail makes Door Cancel with vision more difficult to execute.

Click here for an image of the Great Sea Chart with quadrant names and notation if you are not familiar with the map.

- Quadrant Call-out
- Equip Item

Forsaken Fortress 1

Skip Rupees if skipping sail


  • Do one of the following routes, ordered from fastest to slowest

Sail Skip


  • Door Cancel with vision
    • Flower rupees, rupee under ramp, rupee on ledge, rupee before zunari (80 rupees)
    • Buy the sail
      • [Wind Waker, Sail]
    • Jump Down to storage spot near KorL, get Storage and store his text
    • Door Cancel on potion door
    • Storage using potion shop sign and store Minenco text
    • Double Storage using end of wall railing near wall close to mailbox or sign again
  • Superswim to Forest Haven [D2 to F6]
  • Scale outside with jumpslashes
  • Deku Tree Cutscene Skip
  • Bulb Skip, Leaf
    • [Wind Waker, Sail, Leaf]
    • Savewarp



  • Door Cancel FF2 [D2 to A1]
    • Get Double Storage with KorL text
    • Enter camera lock, Door Cancel with vision on potion door
    • Superswim to FF2, scale up to loading zone with Door Cancel
    • Helmaroc Skip (leaf around helmaroc method, and roll clip or take damage to 1.5 hearts against spikes) (if doing Puppet Ganon Skip, take damage from spikes)

Hyrule 2

  • Enter Hyrule 2 (if you skipped the sail, avoid the softlock after the courtyard cutscene), go through the castle
  • Barrier Skip with Bomb Push Clip
  • Enter Ganon's Tower
  • Refill on magic
  • Trials Skip

Ganon's Tower

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