Any% (No PG Skip)

It is possible to skip buying the Sail. This requires performing an unbuffered manual superswim 20 minutes into the run to save around 20 seconds. If you desire to skip the sail then you should skip all the rupee collecting suggested in the Forsaken Fortress 1 segment (the chest storage FF1 route does still saves 1 second in that case, thus skipping it or not is up to the runners preference). It is also possible to skip both the quiver and light arrows by performing Puppet Ganon Skip, saving 5-6 minutes. That is the optimal Any% route and is linked here.

Click here for an image of the Great Sea Chart with quadrant names and notation if you are not familiar with the map.

- Quadrant Call-out
- Equip Item

Forsaken Fortress 1

Skip Rupees if skipping sail


  • Do one of the following routes, ordered from fastest to slowest

Sail Skip


  • Spawn at Windfall
  • Flower rupees, rupee under ramp, rupee on ledge, rupee before zunari (80 rupees)
  • Buy the sail
    • [Wind Waker, Sail]
  • Store Korl's sail text, roll to the storage spot near docks
  • Get double storage, Greatfish cutscene skip [D2 to B4]
  • Korl's text, Sail back to Windfall (be careful not to accidently jump off the boat)
  • Password Skip
  • Bombs
    • [Wind Waker, Bombs]
  • Savewarp

Forest Haven and Early Master Sword

Quiver and Early Master Sword

Hyrule 2 and Ganon's Tower

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