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Hookshot/Longshot Clip

Discovered by Kazooie

Aiming the hookshot/longshot at a low angle while directly up against a solid surface allows you to shoot through the surface. This can be used to clip out of bounds, or reach other places.

Like the Zelda 64 engine, the collision maps for adjacent rooms are loaded so you're able to hook onto unloaded hookable surfaces.

  1. Get near the solid surface you want to shoot through and backflip/sidehop/fall/strafe against it.
  2. Push the hookshot/longshot button while mid-air
  3. Aim the hookshot/longshot low and fire it

Improved Clipping

Discovered by CloudMax

When you start to strafe against a surface while having hookshot/longshot up, you'll notice that link is clipping into the surface for just a moment. If you release L-Targeting during this, link will stay clipped. Strafing the the right clips further than strafing to the left.

There is different setups for achieving this, two easy ones being

  1. Stand parallel to the wall you want to clip through
  2. Pull out hookshot/longshot and keep holding the button it's on
  3. Perform these two inputs at the same time: Tap L-Target and Tap the circle pad into the wall
  4. Aim the hookshot/longshot through the wall and release in the direction you want (If the hookshot isn't through the wall, you either held the inputs in step 3 for too long, or didn't perform them at the same time)


  1. Stand next to a surface
  2. Pull out hookshot/longshot
  3. L-Target
  4. Start strafing against the surface and instantly release L-Targeting

Wider Clipping

Discovered by TheWayfaringFox

Whenever two walls come together at an outward right angle, there is a certain spot that lacks collision. This spot can be identified in First Person as Link is able to see through the walls. If you strafe into that very spot Link will have the Hookshot out of bounds, which allows for wider angles to use the Hookshot.

Last updated 03/26/2021 – gymnast86