Fire Temple

Early Boss Key

Get against the gate by the boss key chest and pull out the hookshot. Sidehop or backflip against the gate and press & hold the hookshot button. Aim the hookshot at the chest in order to clip through the gate to the chest. You will either need to savewarp or deathwarp in order to get out.

Boulder Maze Skip

Using a trick jump or a megajump alongside of a ledge clip allows you to get a key early and skip the boulder maze.

Boss Key Skip

TSC Method (Obsolete)

Discovered by TheWayfaringFox & Pedalpowerluigi

By performing in TSC with the Hoverboots on in the Hammer room, it is possible to navigate your way into the loading zone of the boss room.

Ledge Clip Method

By lining up with the wall in front of you, you can clip out with a ledge clip and fall to the loading zone right after getting the Hammer.

Ledge Clip Method (Backup)

By doing a ledge clip in the fire puzzle room, you can clip out of bounds and with a jump slash fall right into the loading zone of the boss room.

Skip Flame Wall Maze

From the entrance to the flame wall room walk over to the right past the first two rolling boulders to the flame wall near the second boulder. Get against the wall and move to the side until the flame wall goes down & sidehop past it.

Small Key Skip

Using either trick allows to skip one of the small keys found in the boulder maze.

Hoverboost Method

Hookshot Jump Method

Trick at 3:00-3:15

Early Gold Skulltula

By performing either a Grunz Clip and then walking over to the locked door with the Hover Boots or a very precise TSc you can obtain a Gold Skulltula before receiving the Megaton Hammer.

Scarecrow Skip

It is possible to skip getting the Scarecrow Song to get the two Gold Skulltulas in the east tower by using a precise shot with the Longshot.

Enter the Fire Temple as Child

A-Slide Clip Method

It is possible to enter the Fire Temple as Child by Megafliiping to the lower area of Death Mountain Crater and doing an A-Slide Clip past the boulders.

Death Hole Wrong Warp Method

By placing Farore's Wind inside the boss room of Jabu Jabu or from Market Town to the Entrance to the Temple of Time, and returning to that entrance in Death Hole, you will be in the Fire Temple. The warp from Barinade's room will actually put you in the Fire Temple boss room so you can fight and kill Volvagia as child.

Song of Time Block Gold Skulltula as Child

By using a Megaflip from the rising platform in the lava bridge room, it is possible to get to the Gold Skulltula in the room with the Spinning Tiles.

Last updated 07/09/2018 – Jamama92