Blue Warps

In Ocarina of Time, it's possible to change where a few of the blue warps in the game take you when stepping into them for the first time.

It works like this: When you normally step into a blue warp for the first time, the game sets the next entrance index value and another value related to cutscenes that acts like an offset, in order to set the entrance that Link is ultimately placed at. If you change the next entrance index value at the right time, you can use it to end up somewhere completely different.

Due to a few restrictions, only the Gohma, King Dodongo, and Volvagia boss room blue warps can be used for wrong warping. The Barinade boss room blue warp cannot be used because of the cutscene with Princess Ruto at the end of the dungeon. The other temples can't be used because the value that determines what cutscene plays is set differently, presumably because the other temples take you directly to the Chamber of Sages.

To achieve this, Farore's Wind is used. To start, you must set a point somewhere, so that a menu pops up when it's next used. Since you can't use Farore's Wind in any of the boss rooms normally, you can either use Bottle Adventure/NG+ to put it on B, or perform Restricted Items to be able to use it anywhere.

From there, you must use Farore's Wind and touch the very edge of the blue warp at the same time. There are two methods to do this. The first one is the Sidehop method and the second is an Idling method. Idling is when you are next to a blue warp and move towards it and tap B at the same time. In the sidehop method you go right next to the warp, sidehop away from it and walk a little bit back towards it while still L-targeting. Next you need to sidehop back towards the warp and either time your B-button tap or just mash it. Then with the right timing, simply return to the point set to wrong warp.

Child Blue Warps behave notably different than Adult ones. With the child ones, you can return to your last Farore's Wind point as soon as the blue warp begins to pull you up.

Restricted Items Warp

Farore's Wind on B Warp

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