Hover Boots Tricks


By equipping Hover boots during the recoil of a crouch stab you'll keep the recoils movement speed for a longer duration. The Megaton Hammer has a very high recoil speed making it possible to cross gaps that you normally can't. As soon as you have equipped the Hover boots you're allowed to stop crouching and move around freely. This can also be done with a sword crouch stab, but the slide is slower and doesn't reach far.


On the first frame when Link starts to jump off a ledge, equip the Hover boots. Compared to Hover Boost, Megajumps have height which allows to grab higher ledges, but doesn't reach as far as Hover boost.

Hover boost

By equipping Hover boots during the second frame of damage you go forward high speed, allowing to cross large gaps. Using this method can net you more horizontal distance than the Megajump, and it also has the ability to grab ledges, but you will not gain any height out of it.


By equipping hover boots before or during a HESS you can hover past large gaps. This trick is preferred by some people who find Hover boosting difficult, because it's more consistent.

Last updated 07/09/2018 – Jamama92