Escape and Lullaby

  • Get sword and do TSC Escape
  • To Market, 2 Chain Rupees
  • Get caught by guard to reload castle
  • Pocket Egg
  • Zelda's Letter & Lullaby

Kakariko to Magic

  • Go to Kakariko, show the letter, DMT FESS
  • Jump down, open door to Darunia
  • Unload statue behind Darunia (open path to Lost Woods while doing so)
  • Through DMC to DMT
  • Magic without explosives
  • Savewarp

Getting and Setting Farore's Wind

  • Buy Kokiri Shield
  • Go to Lost Woods and Navi Dive to Zora's River
  • Play Lullaby to enter Zora's Domain
  • King Zora Skip
  • Farore's Wind without explosives
  • Savewarp
  • Go to Goron City via Lost Woods
  • Re-enter Goron City from DMT
  • Set FW
  • Savewarp

Deku Tree

  • Grab 2 sticks in Kokiri Forest (have 3 before entering Deku Tree)
  • Climb up to top, B1 skip and clip through second web
  • 231 scrubs and enter boss room
  • Kill Gohma
  • Optional Save
  • RIWW to Credits
  • Screw the Goron Bracelet
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