Escape + Lullaby

  • Get sword and do TSC Escape
  • To Market, all 3 Chain Rupees
  • Reload Castle with 0 speed (can't get caught by guard with all chain rupees)
  • Pocket Egg
  • Zelda's Letter & Lullaby

Kakariko To Goron Bracelet

  • Go to Kakariko, show the letter, DMT FESS
  • Jump down to Darunia and get a deku stick from the rightmost pot
  • Open the Lost Woods warp
  • Get damaged on your way to Saria
  • Get Saria's song, deathwarp
  • Backtrack to Darunia (don't exit the woods, roll out or do owl skips)
  • Goron Bracelet, enter DC

Dodongo's Cavern

  • Buy a shield
  • Modern Halfie
  • Staircase, fast bomb strat
  • Get broken stick while waiting before first set of slingshot skips
  • Beat the Lizalfos pair with broken stick and Second Slingshot Skip
  • Get bombs, bomb the eyes and sidehop down before the second bomb explodes
  • Leave

Magic and Farore's Wind

  • Two optional FESSes or HESSes to Great Fairy (HESSes save about 12 seconds total)
  • Get magic, savewarp
  • Go to Lost Woods and Navi Dive to Zora's River
  • Optional FESS to King Zora (1 Second) or HESS and clip past him
  • Optional FESS to fountain (3 seconds) or HESS (extra 3 seconds) and get Farore's Wind
  • Savewarp


  • Take damage backwalking in Kokiri Forest (2.5 hearts)
  • Go to Lost Woods, enter Goron City
  • FESS up Goron City (3 seconds) or HESS (2 extra seconds) and 0 speed jumpslash out and back in again (2 hearts)
  • Use the Restricted Items glitch to use Farore's Wind
  • Take damage backwalking to ledge (1.5 hearts)
  • Take damage jumping down (1 heart)
  • Enter DC, take damage walking to platform (0.5 hearts)
  • Die on the switch without triggering the cutscene
  • Continue and enter boss room
  • Kill King Dodongo
  • Optional Save
  • RIWW to Credits
  • You're done pal
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