Ocarina Items

In Ocarina of Time there is a very odd glitch that allows you to play the Ocarina (even if you didn't obtain it) under certain situations. The traditional way to perform the glitch in the console version was patched, but there are two other ways to pull off the trick.

With Bombs

To perform Ocarina Items with Bombs you need an item that when used plays a little mini cutscene (Most bottled items like bugs or fish, Non-mask Trade Items, Farore's Wind, Din's Fire, Naryu's Love).

Pull out a bomb, then start running. When the bomb explodes, Link should still have his hands in the air as if he was still holding the bomb. Then on the last frame that Link holds his hands up, use an item that plays a mini cutscene. If done right, you should pull out an invisible Ocarina.

With a Bottle

To do Ocarina Items with a bottle, you need to first do a QuickDraw without losing the bottle and then you can do it the same way as the traditional console method (backflip, press the bottle button and then the item you want to use or use the ESS method)

Ocarina Items via Explosion Limit Action Swap

Check Here to see how to perform OI via explosion limit.

Last updated 03/16/2015 – gabyelnuevo