All Dungeons

Routed by TheWayfaringFox



  • Kokiri Sword
  • TSC Forest Escape
  • Chain Rupees [60 R]
  • Zelda's Lullaby
  • To Goron City
  • Grab a Deku Stick from the throne room
  • Lost Woods shortcut
  • Saria's Song and deathwarp to SFM entrance
  • Goron Bracelet, grab stick from pot near stairs
  • To DC

Dodongo's Cavern 1

  • Scrub Shield with Bomb Flower
  • Modern Halfie
  • Slingshot Skip, Bombs
  • Get the Deku Shield in the bombable wall if your's got burned
  • Exit DC without bombing eyes
  • Magic and savewarp

Jabu Jabu

Deku and Forest

  • TSC past the guard and A-slide clip past him or Ledge Cancel
  • Set Farore's Wind in Market Town
  • Damage to 1 HP with the gold skulltula in the pot room
  • Death hole wrong warp, use bomb to damage down (or do it in lava later), and return Farore's Wind
  • Enter outside ToT area to get to Fire Temple
  • Darunia cs, damage down if you didn't already
  • Exit Fire Temple to get to Forest Temple, die, save, and quit
  • Enter and exit first room, set FW, leave forest, savewarp
  • Enter Deku Tree, slingshot, 231, kill Gohma, RIWW to Alpha Camera Spin
  • Return FW to Forest, set FW again, BK skip
  • Phantom Ganon with slingshot and boomerang, CS skip
  • Exit Forest, savewarp

DoT Skip and BiT Warp

  • Leave forest and go to market again, set FW again, damage down again
  • Death hole wrong warp, and return FW
  • Enter shooting gallery, enter Temple of Time, pick up Master Sword
  • After cutscenes, reload back room of ToT to learn prelude
  • Go back in time, savewarp
  • Enter and exit boss rush, set FW
  • Re-enter Deku Tree, to boss room, Bit Warp
  • Void 14 times, die, save, quit


Dodongo's Cavern 2

  • Play Minuet, enter Lost Woods from Kokiri Forest, set FW
  • To DC through Goron City and DMT
  • Head Skip or hookshot jump up, light the eyes, and push the block
  • Defeat King Dodongo, RIWW to Silver Gauntlets CS

Spirit Temple

  • Get on the "seam", skip Mirror Shield chest
  • Iron Knuckle
  • BK Skip and Nabooru Knuckle
  • Use Giant's Knife with Hover Boots for Twinrova, enter the warp

Fire Temple

  • Play Bolero, enter Fire
  • Darunia CS, enter boss room
  • Kill Volvagia with chus and nuts, enter warp

Water Temple

  • Play Serenade, enter Water with Iron Boots
  • Hoverflip or hoverboots across gap, enter boss room
  • Kill Morpha, CS skip using warp point from DCWW

Shadow Temple

  • Exit LW and re-enter Deku Tree
  • Hookshot jump to top floor and 231 skip
  • Set FW, exit boss room, and play Serenade
  • DHWW using grave, return FW to Bongo
  • Kill Bongo using just bombs and sword
  • Enter warp, OI, play Nocturne to collapse
  • Skip losing Master Sword
  • Kill Ganon
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