Damage Buffering

Farore's Wind Method

Discovered by CloudMax (OoT64 Ocarina method discovered by Acryte)

Using farore's wind and a bomb, you can buffer damage in order to lower your health quickly. Buffering effectively multiplies the damage done by the attack. This is useful for causing a death in order to deathwarp to the entrance of a dungeon.

  1. Set a farore's wind warp point
  2. Drop a bomb near you
  3. Right as it's about to explode, press farore's wind
  4. Press exit to remove the menu and then quickly re-press the farore's wind button (you will take 1/2 heart of damage every time you close the menu as the explosion is happening), repeat until you're at your desired health

Bottled Item Method

By catching or releasing a bottled item just a bomb explodes, you will get an extra time by the bomb. This can be used to take multiple hits, but is more difficult and slower than the Farore's Wind Method

Last updated 07/22/2014 – benstephens1000