Deku Tree

Skip Navi Vine Text

Avoiding the First Trigger

Bring out your Deku Stick just as you are about to climb the vine to prevent the first Navi text.

Avoiding the Second Trigger

Discovered by Acryte (N64)

Either backflip onto the chest then jump to the wall or take out your sword or a deku stick when you come near the vine to delay the text then quickly grab on before it activates.

Basement 1 Skip

Deku Baba Mega Sidehop Method

Discovered by Mp16 (N64), 3ds Method by Kazooie

With a Megasidehop from the Deku Baba next to the web you can land at the area with the second web. The advantage of this, is if you use the angle given to you by climbing the middle potion of the vines under the first web, you can Megasidehop to break the second web as well.

Bomb Megaflip Method

In the case of where the Deku Baba is not there a bomb megaflip will work as well.

Basement Jump Method

With a precise jump you can skip the Basement altogether. You will need to get fire to burn the web, however.

Enter the Deku Tree as Adult

From House of Twins

By getting on top of the House of Twins as adult by using a bean plant or doing a Hammerslide or a Hoverboost off of Saria's House, it is possible to use the Hoverboots to get on top of the colision on the way to the Deku Tree. By doing this, you will unload the area the Deku Tree is in and will be able to enter.

HESS from Lost Woods

With a precise HESS, it is possible to reach the upper seam near the shop.

2-3-1 Skip with Hookshot Jump (Adult Only)

By Hookshot jumping off of the vines in the 3F room, you can fall to the loading zone of Gohma's room.

Web Clip

Discovered by Xenos, Demystified by ZFG (N64)

Break the first web by jumping on it from a great height. The aim is to keep B1 unloaded as you break the web. This can be done by either using the Web Backflip mentioned above or, more commonly, running onto the vines as the web is breaking, thus preventing you from falling down to B1 and loading the second web. With the first web broken, perform the Deku Mega Sidehop or the B1 Jumpslash and as soon as you land on the platform below backwalk to the ledge and you can clip through the web. Alternatively, one can backflip twice immediately upon landing to fall through the unloaded web.

If, upon breaking the first web, you are not able to reach the vines and instead fall down to the basement below, hold Z as soon as this is apparent. This will keep the camera directly behind Link and away from the web in B1, and as a result the web will not load, allowing you to climb back up and still ultimately clip through the second web.

Defeat Gohma in a Single Cycle

To defeat Gohma in a single cycle it is recommended that the Broken Deku Stick glitch is used. It's much easier if the slingshot is obtained for this, because a one cycle with a deku nut is very precise.

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