The Odd Mushroom

The Odd Mushroom Chest

By opening the Heart Piece Chest located at Gerudo's Fortress as Child Link, you will get an Odd Mushroom instead of a Heart Piece.

If you save/quit the game it will revert back to Cojiro since the game iterprets it as failing the timed trading sequence. If you show this Cojiro to the guy with the Odd Mushroom, he will trade for it.

RBA Odd Mushroom as Child

Discovered by CloudMax

Requirements: Bottled Bugs/Fish, Bottle on B & Green Potion

If you perform this to get the Spirit & Shadow medallion before turning into adult for the first time, the Light Arrow cutscene trigger instead of Sheiks Introduction cutscene. This makes it possible to skip Sheiks Intro cutscene unless you enter the Pedestal Room, which triggers it.

  1. RBA Green Potion. This will overwrite the Adult Trade Item Slot with a bottle.
  2. Equip the bottle that was created during step 1 to II.
  3. Open the Odd Mushroom Chest. This will place the Odd Mushroom on II.
  4. RBA Odd Mushroom.

Combining this with Magical Arrows as Items makes it possible to beat Ganondorf without entering any Adult Temples, or starting the Adult Link Trade Sequence.

Last updated 07/04/2013 – CloudMax