Water Temple

Enter Water Temple without Iron Boots

Discovered by aleckermit

Reach the Water Temple with Death Hole Wrong Warp

You can warp to the Water Temple during Death Hole WW by entering the boss room of the Forest Temple or by reaching Ganondorf's room. You then have to savewarp if you want to finish the dungeon.

Cutscene Dive to Ruto

There are three ways to dive to Ruto on OoT3D without the Iron Boots: Spell Diving, Bottle Diving and Hookshot Jumping.

Spell Dive

By using a spell such as Din's Fire, you can time a tektite to knock you off the ledge during the cutscene and reach Ruto.

Bottle Dive

If you catch either Bottled Fish or Bugs while in the air with Hover Boots, you will fall during the cutscene. You can then swim to reach Ruto.

Hookshot Jump

Hookshot Clip for Small Keys

With Hookshot Clipping you can reach three keys early: the one on the second floor where you first lower the water, the one in the block push area, and the one in the square area with the current and dragon statues.

Cross the Water Temple Gap Without Longshot

By doing a Hammerslide, Hoverboost, Hoverslide, hoverflip, or Hookshot jump, you can cross the gap without needing the Longshot.

Enter Waterfall Room Without Raising the Water

By doing a Hoverboost, Hammerslide, or a Hookshot Jump into the unloaded room, it is possible to skip raising the water.


Hookshot Jump

Boss Key Gold Skulltula as Child

With a very precise Megaflip + Damage Boost, it is possible to get into the current room with the Tektites and the boulders to get this Gold Skulltula

Song of Time Block Skip

Doing an Entrance Point glitch to the other room, then doing a Hookshot Clip into the weird collision lets you skip the song of time block.

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