Zora's Fountain

Farore's Wind without Explosives

Discovered by ????

There is an invisible seam extending from the tunnel below the ground in front of the Farore's Wind fairy fountain. It is possible to walk up this seam and get on top of the fairy fountain. You can use one of two methods to clip into the fountain: a sidehop clip out of bounds followed by a jumpslash to access the fountain, or a jumpslash clip directly through the wall blocking the fountain.

No ISG seamwalk

Discovered by Venick

Using precise movements made with the help of a shield, it is possible to navigate the invisible seam without ISG, which is normally helpful for preventing you from the falling off the seam. Video via @Venick409 on twitter: https://twitter.com/Venick409/status/1210473257318658048

Jumpslash clip

Discovered by aliensqueakytoy in OoT64, rediscovered in OoT3D by gymnast86

Video soon.

Clip into Jabu

Discovered by gnik

Using a Deku Stick, you can access Jabu Jabu without using a fish and watching a lengthy cutscene.

Silver Rock Skip

Discovered by PPLToast

There's a Silver Rock in Zora's Fountain blocking the way to a skulltula, which requires Silver/Gold/Coloured Gauntlets to lift. You can use a tricky Hookshot Jump with Iron Boots to bypass this rock.

Enter Ice Cavern As Child

Discovered by Benstephens
Last updated 01/18/2020 – purplephoton