Triple Slash

Discovered by Kazooie

Triple Slash is a trick that allows you to teleport backwards, which ultimately allows you to Navi Dive and Clip into acute angles. There are two different methods to perform this glitch. The first one is to talk with navi during your 3rd slash, and the other one is to press A during your third slash. This glitch does not work with Deku Stick or Biggoron's sword due to their attacks being different.

Triple Slash Clip

To perform a Triple Slash Clip you have to stand inside of an acute angle, and then perform the triple slash. This will allow you to clip into almost any acute angle if you align link correctly.

Triple Slash Dive

To perform a Triple Slash dive you need to stand close water with your back to it, then perform the triple slash glitch with navi. This will result in you getting pushed backwards as you speak with Navi, allowing you to dive.

Triple Slash Clip with Hover boots

Discovered by Pedalpowerluigi & TheWayfaringFox

Normally trying to clip with Hover boots is impossible because you slide forwards. However putting a bomb in front of you before attempting the clip keeps you in place. Instead of tapping A to clip, you have to use a different item such as an another bomb, otherwise you pick up the bomb in front of you.

Last updated 07/09/2018 – Jamama92