Beginning Bottle Adventure

In order to start Bottle Adventure, the first thing to do is to get an item that can be duplicated over with a Bottle on B. Getting Deku Sticks on B is the most common first step, since there are several ways to get Deku Sticks on B. From there, we can duplicate a Bottle over the sticks on B, setting us up for Bottle Adventure.

Stealing the Rod

This trick lets you take the Fishing Rod outside of the fishing pond area. It's the easiest, but not the fastest, method for starting RBA as adult link.

By stealing the rod you are able to turn it into a deku stick, which then can be duped into a bottle thus starting Bottle Adventure.

There are currently two known ways that allow us to steal the fishing rod, both use Use Restricted Items and requires either Bomb, Bombchu, or Farore's Wind.

With Explosives

Discovered by Aleckermit
  1. Pay to start fishing.
  2. Perform Use Restricted Items to pull out a bomb or bombchu.
  3. Cast the Rod.
  4. The bomb will damage you, allowing you to walk while the rod is cast.
  5. Nagivate to the door and open it.

With Farore's Wind

Discovered by CloudMax
  1. Set a Farore's Wind point outside of the fishing pond.
  2. Enter Fishing Pond.
  3. Pay to start fishing.
  4. Perform Use Restricted Items to cast Farore's Wind and warp out of the fishing pond.

Convert the Fishing Rod to a Deku Stick

Discovered by CloudMax

After stealing the rod, do the following:

  1. Perform an action that gray out the B button. The quickest way would be to jump into the water near the Fishing Pond.
  2. Enter and leave the Fishing Pond.

You will now have Deku Stick on B.

Epona Death

Discovered by CloudMax

This trick allows you to get Deku Stick on B, using Fairy Remote Control Epona to disable your B button. This method is useless as it requires you to get iron boots. As having either Iron or Hover Boots allows you to steal the rod.

Follow these steps after Disabling your B button with Fairy Remote Control Epona:

  1. Visit and leave the fishing pond.
  2. Jump into the water of Lake Hylia.
  3. Save and Exit the game.
  4. Load your file.

Lon Lon Stick

Discovered by CloudMax

You can't equip a sword using the gear menu before performing this, which prevents you from reverting B items back to a Deku Stick by saving or dying.

  1. Pay Ingo to Ride
  2. Mount onto a horse
  3. Tell Ingo that you're Done
  4. Perform an action that gray out the B button, like swimming in water.
  5. Perform an action that highlight the B button
  6. Pay Ingo to ride again

You will now have Deku Stick on B.

NewGame Plus

Discovered by CloudMax

With NewGame Plus you can assign a bottle item to the B button, allowing you to perform Bottle Adventure as Child Link. However, this requires performing Bottle Adventure on another save using one of the other methods above. NewGame Plus prevents you from reverting B items back to a Deku Stick when saving or dying.

  1. Get Bottle B on one save file
  2. Mount onto a horse OR pay to fish at the fishing pond
  3. Exit the game. Saving is not required
  4. Create a new save file

The new save file will start with a Bottle on B.

Converting the Deku Stick to a Bottle

Discovered by Raymond Guedez (On N64)

To change the stick into a bottle you must first get rid of all of your Deku Sticks. Now, since putting a bottle on B also activates Reverse Bottle Adventure, it's best if you use a bottle of Bugs, and equip it on the II Button. This will avoid accidentally overwriting important game data. Empty your Bug bottle and re-catch it to have a full bottle on hand. Backflip, then before you land press the Bottle's button and the B button in quick succession. If done right, Link will dump whatever you had out of the newly created B bottle. You can now use the Bottle on B to perform Bottle Adventure or Reverse Bottle Adventure.

Quickdraw Method

Discovered by Nathanisbored (On VC)

You can quickly get a bottle on your B button by duplicating a bottle over your sword. This is the fastest and most flexible method to get a bottle on your B button. However, this glitch can only be done while performing the Death Hole glitch

Drop bugs/fish then pull out the empty bottle Perform the Quick Draw technique using your sword. Hold Z+R and the corresponding C-button your bottle is on, then let go of R to perform a shield swipe. If done correctly, you should have a bottle duplicated over your sword.

After exiting Death Hole by saving and quitting, you will have a stick on the B button which you can dupe a bottle over to RBA outside of Death Hole.


Link does not have to be on his feet immediately after landing on water like on the console version. While in Death Hole, Link will not put away items while in the water.

Last updated 07/22/2014 – benstephens1000